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  • BW BW Oct 9, 2011 10:07 PM Flag

    0-5 Help Please!

    Well, I'm about to be 0-5 - here's my team:

    QB - Brees
    WR - Roddy White
    WR - DeSean Jackson
    RB - McGahee
    RB - Jahvid Best
    TE - Scott Chandler
    Flex - Mario Manningham
    K - Matt Bryant
    D - Green Bay

    Peyton Hillis (bye week this week)
    Pierre Thomas
    Steven Jackson
    Santonio Holmes
    Mark Sanchez
    Joshua Cribbs (get return yards - use in flex sometimes)

    I'm looking to make some moves this week - trades, etc. - what would you do?

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    • you need to bench manningham over holmes for the rest of the year, hell i might just drop manningham completely since he is losing time to cruz. Hillis had a bye so that sucks but you need to start him and you also need to start jackson over best or mcgahee because mcgahee is in a 2 back set and best plays on a really pass heavy team. I have the greenbay d too and im thinking about just droppin them completely and go week to week with d-fense off of free agency. and your pretty much fucked at the tight end spot so you just have to hope and pray for chandler every week. and thats all the info i can give so hope it works out for you.

    • Trade Hillis and White while they still have lots of value. To get an upgrade at RB and TE.

    • I'd look to upgrade RB. I'd probably hold onto Steven Jackson and try to ship Hillis and Best for an upgrade at RB.

    • You may want to look at some trades. You can probably package Sanchez and Steven Jackson for a high end wr or rb.. No one else on your bench has much trade value. You may be able to find a sucker for Hillis. Dont trade Brees, your top 2 rbs and wrs.

    • okay....
      1: trade brees and best for AP
      2: trade sanchez and mgahee..and see if u can get a quality QB like fitzpatrick or something like that
      3: trade roddy white for wes welker

      if u do all these i garentee u will wil next week

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      • Okay - I realize I'm about to be 0-5 and I realize in order for trades to work you have to trade good players to get good players but....are you kidding me?! TRADE BREES?

        Brees is the 3rd highest scoring QB in the league right now, Fitz is the 9th. Look back up a few posts at how QB's score in this league.

        I'm definitely not attached to sanchez - my draft was an auto draft anyway, and sanchez got picked up that way and I just haven't picked up another qb for a bye week yet. So I could see trading him.

    • Looks like you starting line up is decent until you get to TE and Flex. I would scour the waiver wire looking for TEs. Usually, whichever TE is playing the Eagles is a good start. Pettigrew is available in some leagues. You need to study the match ups. Holmes should have been you flex against week Patriot secondary, although many made the same mistake by starting Manningham. Also, your defence and kicker aren't dominant so I would look for the best match ups through the waiver wire and pick up kickers and D as you need them. Don't panic. I had a team that started 0-5 last year and made the playoffs.

    • Man, I really don't see too many weaknesses, if you're bout to be 0-5, you have run into some EXTREMELY bad luck. You've got two studs at each position, and you can only play two guys at each, so damn.

      Just keep truckin, man, and chalk it up to just catching your opponents when they've had their BEST weeks. I can imagine that you've already had at least two weeks where you scored the SECOND-most points in your league, only to have played the team who scored the MOST points that week, am I right?

    • You need to do your homework on what is available on the free agent wire for RB's and TE's. Look over the last few weeks and see who has been consistent. You also need to keep an eye on the injury reports and speculate who may miss time and find out who their replacements are.

      As for Scott Chandler, even though I'm a diehard Iowa Hawkeye fan and love his talent, he has been consistent week to week...yet. Again, find out what other TE's are available on the wire and do your homework.

    • I would try to trade a couple running backs for a better WR which you are thin in. Maybe Jackson/Hillis for somebody like Jennings or around there.

    • CUT Sanchez and pick up whoever the biggest upside free agent is. You can play the matchup game for your bye week. Trade your #3 or #4 RB for a WR who gives you a slight boost in points to plug into the flex. RBs typically carry slightly more value than WRs, so you should be able to upgrade your total points. McGahee would be a great one to trade as the emergence of Tebow may kill McGahee's value. McGahee won't be getting very many goal line runs as Tebow will vulture most of those.

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