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  • Wass Wass Oct 5, 2011 9:34 AM Flag

    The Season is in Jeopardy!

    I am having a seriously rough start to the fantasy season. I have been up against the team with the most point each week. (no excuses)

    My team includes:
    Ryan Fitz, Matt Ryan, Hakeem Nicks, Stevie Johnson, Meachem, Reggie Wayne, Julio Jones, Lesean McCoy, Brandon Jacobs, DeAngelo Williams, Hightower, Vernon Davis and the Pitt DEF.

    With players like: Hasselbeck, Orton, Manningham, Ridley, Jacoby Jones & Walter, Torain, Redman, Denarius, McCluster, Tenn, Wash, Tampa, NE and ATL available.

    What would you do?

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    • Keepers:
      QB Ryan: Shedule is favorable for the pass
      QB FitZ: Good weapons around him
      WR Nicks: waking up
      WR Johnson: Always around the red zone
      WR Meacham: Passing offense is favorable to him
      WR Wayne: TRADE !!!! No QB in INDY
      RB McCoy: Stud IN THE MAKING
      RB Jacobs: Drop him, GET RIDLEY
      RB Williams: Still productive
      RB Hightower: Keep him but pick up Torrain or cut him
      TE Davis: Tough call is Cook TE TEN available
      PIT DEF: Keep and carry TEN DEF as back up

    • Pick up Redman. With Mendenhall and Ben both hurting, Pittsburgh will have to turn to Redman heavily for production, and he's been their best runner in his limited work.

    • drop reggie wayne for Denarious or Mccluster (and pray for the best upside to be reached) but if you have Nelson, malcom floyd, Branch, or Decker available go there first

      Put matt ryan and Jacobs in a package deal for a legit #1 running back. you can probably get someone like Benson if the owner is deep and scared of a suspension (maybe). Drop Deangelo Williams and pick up Ridley or Torain (you are desperate so we are looking for max upside here ok?)

      Pick up Tenn Def for your open slot

    • I would drop Matt Ryan & pick up Hasselbeck.

      Trade Reggie Wayne and Brandon Jacobs

      Get another good RB

      Pick-up Ridley



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