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  • Dorian Ambrose Dorian Ambrose Oct 4, 2011 7:12 PM Flag


    beanie wells and ryan fitzpatrick for tom brady or should i make the trade leasean mccoy for rob gronkowski or should i do none

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    • You Crazy? Lesean Mccoy is a top 3 RB, why would u trade him for a TE. Rob Gronkowski? he is the best TE, but Hernandez is coming back he'll give u 15 a week as opposed to shady's 25-30 guaranteed.

      Wells and Fitzpatrick should be able to get you Tom Brady. If your RB core can afford to do that trade do it! but Fitzpatrick is having a rockstar season and so is Wells and i dont see them stopping anytime soon. If you have great RBs that u can afford to give up wells then do it, if not, then you dont need it.

    • as far as BW and RF for Brady, depends on the scoring of your QBs in the league....

      if QBs are getting strong points for performance and Brady's been getting like 40 or more points in his first few games, I say make the deal if you can get it done....Beenie has health issues so unless you are really thin at that position you should pray the deal is accepted

    • mccoy is a stud....waaaayyyy too much to give up for gronkowski...hernandez is on his way back and will take some of the targets from rob as well...obviously he's a strong TE, but Mccoy is a top 5 RB and you draft those in the 1st round.....Gronkowski is playing at a top 5 TE, maybe even top 3, but that's three games...and you draft your TEs in much later rounds....think about these things!

    • I wouldn't give up Brady for Fitz and Wells. No if some owner offered me Brady for Fitz and Wells I would gladly give them up for Brady. That is a pretty lopsided trade

      As for trading McCoy (1 of the top 5 RB's in the league) for a TE. Well that should never even be thought of.



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