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  • Chris L Chris L Oct 4, 2011 12:34 PM Flag

    Who should I drop, if anyone?

    I'm trying to figure out whom to drop in order to pick up Torain and/or Ripley. Here's my team:

    qb- Aaron Rodgers
    wr- Roddy White
    wr- Steve Smith (Car)
    rb- Ahmad Bradshaw
    rb- Fred Jackson
    te- Scott Chandler
    rb/wr- Shonn Greene
    be- James Starks
    be- Jordy Nelson
    be- Mike Williams (TB)
    be- Victor Cruz
    be- Aaron Hernandez
    be- Ryan Fitzpatrick

    k-jason hanson
    d/st- eagles

    I'm definitely going to drop Chandler when Hernandez is healthy, but I doubt that will be this week, so I'm kind of left to decide between Cruz, Nelson, Williams and Starks. Leaning towards Cruz for Torain, but is anyone else worth dropping for Ripley if I can get him too off waivers?

    Any advice is appreciated!

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    • I agree... Go with dropping Fitzpatrick... anyone else would be foolish! LOL

    • solid team if you are going to drop anyone honestly I'd go with Fitz you won't use him since you have Rodgers and by week 8 which is Rodgers bye week you'll have a extra spot to drop Chandler since Hernandez will be healthy. Problem is you have Rodgers/Nelson/Starks so that week 8 you have a lot of players on bye so you need to prep for that. Also definitely look for another D. Eagles D sucks and they are not going to fix it this year. Look for matchups anyone playing SF/INDY/KC/MINN etc bad teams. If you don't have a top D like BAL/NYJ/PITT always look for matchups. I'd give Williams 2 or 3 more weeks if he doesn't start to produce he's a goner. He did have top TB targets with 8 last night so that's a start.

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      • Thanks a lot, Danny. That was way more in depth and helpful than any other advice I've ever received through these message boards. I'm definitely going to drop Philly D after this week's waiver period. I may try to package Fitzpatrick with someone else to upgrade somewhere if possible, but that would mean I'd still need to make a decision on a receiver. I like Cruz, and it seems like he's slid into that No. 2 receiver role in NY. I could possibly drop him and try to pick him back up, but he might get scooped.

        Anyway, thanks again. Really appreciate it.


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