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  • Casey Casey Sep 22, 2011 12:26 AM Flag

    cam newton on the trade block ?

    might be down to let cam go for a nice rb ... maybe lol

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    • Sure but you will be picking up a tier 2 QB the rest of the season. Do your research and pick a middle of the row QB for the week based on match ups. In return look for a Chris Johnson. Cam's stock is high, but people are all waiting on him to hit the rookie wall. This means all owners will be leary of letting big names go. Chris Johnson stock is low, but he coming off 2 weeks (WK 1 no practise time with team)(WK 2 vs Ravens everyone looks bad on ground vs Ravens). Chris should bold well against the Broncos at home and then be back on track to finish top 5. Maybe even look for P.Hillis

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      • Hillis is okay but questionable frame with coaches mentioning less touches to preserve....CJ would be the goal....Rookie Wall?...that's nonsense....you're in the NFL and he's rocked teams already and doesn't have a ton of talent outside Smith....If he can put up stats like he did vs GB the kid is for real....It's all about who has the balls to realize this before it's too late...this kid will finish in the top 5 this year...rookie this, rookie that....he's not the average rookie.....even the great ones have rough games and he's outperforming most of them....get the right deal for him...Hillis is not enough....don't know who you're starter is but hard to duplicate starting QB stats when you have an elite guy....he's there and has great schedule....if you don't have an elite QB as starter you do now...keep him then....don't trade just to trade ....trade if you get the right guy with the right schedule...CJ...even then you could make this a multi-deal trade getting more....even Vick for CJ isn't quite fair to most.....again, you can come close in pts at RB between most but not elite QB's....this can be a 10 -15 pts. or more per game difference vs. a RB who can maybe get you on average 5pts more or slightly more


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