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  • Nick Nick Sep 20, 2011 10:49 AM Flag

    Felix Jones

    Felix Jones is injured. Although not yet expected to miss any time it is safe to say he's not going to be playing at the same level as he was prior. Given his lack luster performance thus far, the addition of a limiting injury should make a fantasy owner cringe.

    Based on the most recent "Advice" Jones "should not be used by a competent fantasy player since the Cowboys are a pass-first offense." His stats thus far seem to support this assertion for the most part.

    Given all this, Felix Jones is on the can not cut list. From this it follows that any "competent" player would have a permanent bench warmer. Am I missing something? Most listed on the Can Not Cut list generally have start rates in the 80-90% range. Jones is generally in the 50-60 range. Isn't this somewhat telling? I'm not advocating dropping him at this moment, but given his situation it should be up to the manager to make that call.

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