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  • Weapon X Weapon X Sep 13, 2011 2:36 PM Flag

    Waiver Help! PLEASE!

    I have the 1st Waiver, who should i get?

    I have danny amendola who i want to drop for either cam newton, or Fitzpatrick, who should i get?
    ^my main QB is ELI right now....

    also i have Ryan Grant and joseph addai, should i drop one of them for Ben Tate or Willis McGahee?


    Thank You In Advance for any help you can give me!

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    • I too have the Eli curse this year but I'm not ready to jump ship quite yet. If i could land Schaub or someone of the like I'd think about it but Eli is still gonna have just as many points, maybe more, than Newton or Fitzpatrick IMO by season's end. Don't jump on the Cam bandwagon yet, keep in mind he put up that performance against one of the youngest and possibly worst secondary's in the league in Arizon......see how he does next week against a real team then decide. I'd grab Mcgahee out of those 2 as tate will be nothing more than a fill in once Foster returns. Rubber knee should at least see a majority of goal line touches

    • HELP ME, i need to go to school like right NOW! lol