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  • GranWIZ GranWIZ Sep 11, 2011 5:26 PM Flag

    Tackle-for-loss Stat Error

    Has anyone noticed that Ed Reed's 25 interception return yards are being counted a point each toward his tackle-for-loss stat total? I set my league to count one point for each tackle-for-loss, yet for some reason my opponent this week has 25 points in the tackle-for-loss column for Ed Reed. I also noticed that Brian Urlacher finished today with eight solo tackles and two assisted tackles, for a total of 10 tackles, yet for some reason Yahoo! has given him 11 points for tackle-for-loss. If he got only 10 total tackles, how could 11 of them had been for a loss each? I thought maybe Yahoo! made the same mistake for Urlacher that it made for Reed in counting Urlacher's interception return yards in his tackle-for-loss column, but the box score for the Bears/Falcons game says Urlacher ran his pick back one yard today. That means Yahoo! isn't even messing up the tackle-for-loss stat the same way across the board. Yahoo! is usually pretty good about correcting stat errors, so I expect this to be fixed by this time tomorrow - but if it isn't - I'll be hella pissed.

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