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  • Ethan Ethan Sep 4, 2011 8:57 PM Flag

    How did I do?

    Not very familiar with IDP leagues so i'll pass on judging the Suh and Matthews picks.

    Rodgers 4th overall is only good if its a 2 qb league, and i'm guessing its not. In which case I think that was a big reach based on depth at that position.

    I like Hillis, despite others giving up on him.

    Jennings is fine as long as your not hoping he's getting double digit touchdowns again. Look up how many tds he had the last time findly was healthy, i think its something like 5. Just too many good targets for Rodgers.

    Stevie's fine, but might not show up against good defenses. O-lines fault, not his.

    Britts a great WR3 with upside.

    Big question mark for Matthews, i wouldnt want him as an RB2, but it looks like you have...

    Bush to help out just in case. I dont have faith in his running durabitliy, but he's got talent and they push the ball to him a lot in the passing game. Should be your RB2 over matthews.

    Jared Cook is a great value pick up for TE, gd example of counting on the depth at the position. Should have a top 10 year.

    Meh at Braylon Edwards. I dont trust Alex Smith.

    I'll pass on judging the rest.

    tl;dr - Overall rating 6.5/10

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    • i just put up my draft position. but yes i have Bush as my RB2. its a ppr league too so its nice. Rodgers and Jennings connection is what i'm hoping for. I had the Ryan to White one last year. I took Hillis second because he was still on the board and if i didnt get jennings with the next pick i was going to get finley. Almost picked up grant or starks but i watch out for having too many players on the same bye.


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