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  • Alan F Alan F Sep 3, 2011 10:48 PM Flag

    Spots open for Great $100 H-T-H this Monday

    Are you looking for one last league? $100, Short By Inches XIII, H2H, Drafting Monday, Sept 5, 11:30am eastern.
    League # 42975, password: marino
    Go into the league and feel free to ask those in there about the league and the commish so that you are comfortable with the league you are joining and where your money is going. The commish runs numerous hockey, baseball and football leagues ... they are legit, have many returning managers who play in multiple leagues and payout 100%.

    Here is what it is about ... fun format! ... we will aim for 14 teams and settle for 12 if we must. ... The best way I can think of to describe this league is that it is a hybrid between a points and a H2H league ... we are set up as H2H and that will be the method of determining the champion,... and along the way the highest point scoring teams will be equally rewarded. Please be sure to have a glance at the playoff and payout structures. Enjoy the season, I think this will a fun one!
    Playoffs: The top 4 in the standings as of the end of week 13 will play a 3 week round robin amongst themselves, weeks 14-16 as our playoffs. The 4 teams will play each other once each ... and the team with the best W/L record in the 3 matches is the playoff winner. (First tiebreak is the playoff H2H match between the tied teams, 2nd tiebreak is the most points scored in the 3 week playoffs) The #1 seed will be able to choose the order they want to play their 3 opponents, and will tell me this at the end of week 13,... the #2 seed will choose his opponent order after #1 chooses.
    14 x $100 collected = $1,400
    Regular season (weeks 1-17, all matches included): #1 team $300, #2 team $100
    Regular season most points: $200, 2nd most points $100
    Most consistent point scoring team: #1 $250, #2 $100. (each week top 5 teams are awarded 6-5-3-2-1 points; most points is the winner)
    Playoffs: Round robin #1 team: $200, #2 team $100, team with the most points $50
    -$700 goes to points success, $700 for W/L success
    questions? email: jayhomersampson@yahoo.com


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