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  • Larry Noe Larry Noe Sep 3, 2011 6:15 PM Flag

    The HAT TRICK of Championships!

    If I win the championship this year It will be the 3rd year out of 3 that I have won the title. Last year picked up Vick off of waivers and had Rivers benched after that so I immediatly traded Rivers for Foster which became the Vick, Foster, Rice every week for me. Lost 2 games last season. Different stragety for me and some lost souls at last nights draft and I once again killed it. All touchdowns are worth 6 points and the rest of the scoring is standard besides 1 Point Per Reception. With that in account what do you all think about my team. Be harsh, send me the constructive criticism! I want and need to hear it. We'll do a ranking on a 1-10 system. 10 being best.

    12 Team League/ 4th Pick overall/ 1QB 2WR 2 RB 1 FLX 1K 1D

    Matt Schaub (Picked him up in 7th round)
    Matt Cassel

    Arian Foster ( Fell to me with 4th overall pick, Love it)
    Michael Turner ( Fell to me on the way back in round 2, everyone went QB crazy)
    Reggie Bush
    Danny Woodhead

    WR's ( Keep PPR in mind)
    Dwayne Bowe
    Mike Williams TB
    Brandon Lloyd
    Sidney Rice
    Sims Walker
    T.O ( Had to take a chance, Gold if he comes back)

    Jason Witten (PPR MONSTER)
    A. Henandez ( Round 13)



    Lets hear what you gotta say! Good luck to everyone this season, any questions for me about your line-up....I'll be answering those as well.

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