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    What round do you take QB,RB,WR,Dfense,K, etc...?

    Could use help. What is the best strategy when drafting? Im not sure when to take a QB,Defense and Kicker. Is it better to take RB's 1st and 2nd rounds? WR 1st, 2nd, 3rd? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    • get ur starters for qb rb wr in that order then go for quality backups for those spots. after that, then go def and K (a top 5 def should go before a wr backup)

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      • I agree with Defense. With the exception of kickers I prefer to have all my starters setup before I start filling up my bench. However, if a good enough player still exists in the draft I will take that player over a top defense.

        But as far as getting qb before rb it really depends on the setup of the league and what pick in the draft you have. Regardless of format if I have a top 4 pick I'm gunning for one of the top 4 rbs. After that I may opt to pick a qb, especially if its a 2 qb starting league such as the one I'm in. However, keep in mind you have the likes of joe flacco, bradford, stafford, orton, and other qbs that are good quality qbs with potential that can be picked up much later in the draft.

        I don't care what format your league is, good quality rbs thin out real fast. So if you hold off on getting an rb too long you are going to have a long miserable season. Trust me.

    • get ur starters for qb rb wr in that order then go for quality backups for those spots. after that, then go def and K (a top 5 def should go before a wr backup)

    • Agree with above.... it also depends on your scoring. In my league QBs TDs count for 6 pts each so the top QBs always will be gone after first 2 rounds. Get one if you can... if not usually shoot for RBs and pick up a qb later.

    • Ok, The rule of thumb in fantasy football is that you grab a top quality workhorse rb the second you get a chance. However, lots of variables come into play.

      First off, you need to know how your league is setup. Positions can be more or less important based on your league commissioners point settings and starting positions. Just so that I can give you more advice I'm going to assume that your league has fairly standard yahoo settings.

      A good strategy to have is to pick at least 2 rbs in your first three picks. If you are within the first 5 picks I would recommend selecting a top runningback regardless. These are generally workhorse runningbacks which are becoming more and more rare in the nfl. If you are one of the last few picks in round 1 things can be a bit more tricky if the ones before you have selected all the top 8 runningbacks or so. I would then go for a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers.

      As far as receivers, there are so many quality ones you can pick up that you can probably wait till round 5 or even 6 to pick them up and still have a decent quality receiving core (pending on how many teams are in your league). The same can be said for QBs but I'm definitely one that likes to make sure I have a good quality qb with a decent backup qb on my team and if you wait too long you may pay for it.

      The depth of good quality workhorse runningbacks, like i said, is scarce. Keep that in mind along with the fact that rbs are notoriously best for fantasy points.

      Kickers and Defenses are typically the last few picks in your draft.

      If you can pick one of the top 3 defenses 3-4 rounds prior to the last round I say go for it. As far as kickers, I recommend not picking one till either the last or second to last round as you never know what kind of fantasy production youll get and kickers really arent important enough for points.

      Tight Ends is debateable. If you can get a top te like gates or finley in round 5 or later I would definitely grab them...otherwise theres no harm in waiting till later rounds as there are good potential in several tes and i would much rather get a good quality wr or rb.

      Hope this helps.

    • any time and if you get a qb in the first round make sure its some one like vick or rodgers and then take a rb in the 2nd

    • if u have a top 5 pick maybe QB (Rodgers,Rivers, Vick,)otherwise stock RB's and take QB 2nd or 3rd round, after the top 5 or so QB's they all are pretty much the same as far as fantasy goes

    • Kicker is allways last pick they are not worth picking up early. If you are in the top 7 picks i would take a running back and then a qb there are alot of good qbs this year so if you cant get Drew Bress, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodger, or Phillip Rivers i would wait for the 3 - 5 round to get matt ryan or Big ben and i would get a WR in between picks TE can wait until 6 or 7 if its a good one or 8 or 9 for a average one i hope this helps


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