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  • Jay Jay Aug 30, 2011 2:51 PM Flag

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    Actually, I hate to say it but I think your WR's are pretty weak all around...Wayne has been Mr. Consistent for years, but a lot of that had to do with #18 being behind center...with Manning's health being a major question, I'm worried Wayne's numbers could go into freefall. As far as Colston goes, Brees spreads the ball out far too much for any single Saints receiver to be labeled "the guy" - in other words, he's going to be hit or miss every week for you.

    Your QB situation is great so we won't even bother, you're set there.

    RB's look solid. Greene worries me a bit because every year it seems like we hear "well this is his year to break out and become a star"...is it? I guess we'll see. Anyway, given the lack of depth of elite RB's in the NFL, I'd say your in good shape.

    Winslow at TE is a solid pick. He's not elite, but Tampa's on the rise and he started looking pretty reliable toward the end of last season.

    Kickers are kickers, nothing to get into on that front. Same with your defense - Steelers - nuff said, you're golden there.

    I would say your best bet right now is to try and upgrade your WR's. Bess would be the first guy I'd cut of this roster, so if you can find an upgrade, do it. Also, pick up Rashad Jennings if he's available - he'll provide you with some nice RB depth/trade bait should MJD go down again with an injury. That right there could be your opportunity to significantly improve your WR's.


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