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  • Corey D. Corey D. Aug 3, 2011 9:17 PM Flag

    Is this trade "garbage?"

    I offered a guy in my league this trade:

    I get:
    Knowshown Moreno
    Malcom Floyd

    He gets:
    Thomas Jones
    Santana Moss

    All of those guys are on our benches and I just wanted to improve my depth. Moreno is his No. 4 RB (behind Jamaal Charles, Frank Gore and Ryan Mathews), and I figured he'd want Jones as a handcuff. My depth at RB is terrible. I have Turner and Jones-Drew starting, but after that I just have Jones and Rashad Jennings.

    I thought the trade was pretty even, but he called it "garbage" and asked if it was a joke, and then counter offered Moreno and Michael Crabtree for DeSean Jackson, which seemed absurd to me. So am I in the wrong here or is he just being ridiculous?

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    • "Garbage" is defined as "discarded animal and vegetable matter, as from a kitchen"

    • your garbage and the last trade he offered you was fair and actually in your favor

    • your trying to rob that guy. moss and jones both suck. charles gets all the touches and who is even throwing to moss. that is a joke your a douchbag

    • one last thing is in your opinion Moreno's his 4th back, but I'm sure in his mind he's his 3rd rb, with the news of Mathews reporting to camp out of shape and the fact he was a huge disappointment last year and couldn't beat out Mike Tolbert....

    • yup absolute garbage trade offer...Everybody hates the handcuff pick takes up 2 roster spots for 1 starting position....Thomas Jones is old as hell and stuck behind Charles and its only gonna get worse....Santana Moss is alright be he's old, and he has Beck/Grossman throwing him the ball...while Moreno is young with tons of upside, and Floyd has Phillip Rivers throwing him the ball...If you always want to know if the trade makes sense for both owners, always ask yourself if you would accept the deal if it were in reverse....You always have to play to an owners likes/needs vs what you think is best for his team...

    • I like it from your perspective..Knowshon may surprise!

    • "Garbage" is defined by the managers involved. It all depends on the value each manager puts on his players vs. the offered players.
      For me I would reject your offer in a split second and thats me.
      Moreno vs. T Jones not close, I would have injury concerns with Gore and Mathews so Moreno is a good backup.
      M Floyd vs. Moss. Moss has no QB so I think Floyd wins.

      I would reject his counter offer just as fast. Crabtree is hurt again and has no QB.

      DeSean for Gore straight up maybe. All depends on your league settings and your dapth at WR.

      Ok just my thoughts


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