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  • Clive Bixby Clive Bixby Jul 16, 2011 2:36 PM Flag

    PPR: 1 point or .5 points?

    Hello - Im the commish in a 10 team league. Were switching to a PPR format. What is typical, a full "1" point per reception, or ".5" per reception? What have you done?


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    • Im the commish of my league and this is the first year we're going to PPR, and I've decided on .05 PPR. Basically because it will have less of an impact on the league who is used to standard scoring format.

    • Both. 1/2 has less distortion to it for players more accustomed to standard scoring. Many players simply don't get the fact that at a full 1 point receivers like Parrish and Shipley are very much on your radar, Cooley, Bess, Thomas and Amendola move way up, possession TEs become WR1-s to 2+s, low volume WRs like Desean barely rank in the top 50, and non-receiving RBs fall big time (think 3rd round for Turner; 5th or 6th for Greene).

      While I only play in larger leagues, I suspect that PPR in a smaller league will result in such a large and deep free agency pool that your more knowledgeable players will have an even greater advantage.


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