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  • Clive Bixby Clive Bixby Jun 25, 2011 9:14 PM Flag

    14 team Mock Draft, How did I do?

    Ol' Blues. I liked your post and want your take. Im in a 12 team money league. We can keep one player, but cant keep anyone we drafted in the first four (4) rounds. Also, we cant keep players two years in a row. Most of the top players are not keepable because they were selected in the first four rounds.

    However, I hit a homer last year with Arian Foster in the 6th round. Im debating what position to take with my first round pick this year.

    If I pick in the first six picks of round one (1), I think I will add another top RB. If I pick in the second half of the first round and the top RBs are out, I might go WR or shoot for Aaron Rogers.

    Any thoughts? Any thoughts on what position to target for the first several rounds?


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    • Oh yeah. Obviously Im keeping Foster as my RB#1.

    • I'm entirely a BPA drafter. So, I have no position draft strategy. The RB early philosophy I gave in the prior post deals only with the true featured RBs as their point differential is usually what makes your team. Because of that I tend to overload on RBs &, if they work out, I'm willing to trade to upgrade elsewhere. RBs that I like who are undervalued and my view of adp (& some have risks): RunDMC (22adp), JStew (80adp), Best (98adp), DWilliams (81adp), DThomas (85adp), Ingram 87adp), FJones (105adp),Ryan Williams (113adp), Spiller (130adp), &, very late, LT, Thomas Jones & Ronnie Brown in that order. Don't "reach" much for any of them. When RBs are being drafted hard, look for the handcuffs VERY LATE to those you took a flyer on (eg Goodson for Jstew, etc).

      While I'm a huge Rodgers fan..I frequently go to Cal games...QB is simply too deep this year to draft one before mid-round. Freeman, the usual 10-12 off the board, scored 0.8 ppt less than Brees last season AND figures to improve this year.

      Undervalued WRs include Holmes, Harvin, Crabtree (maybe), Dez (maybe), Manningham, VJax, Thomas, Nelson, & TO (maybe). Likely overvalued include Austin, Bowe, Smith (Caro), &, because of injury or suspension, Britt, Smith, Collie. Lol!


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