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  • james james May 25, 2011 4:13 AM Flag

    Top Ten RBs for 2011

    1. Chris Johnson
    2. Adrian Peterson
    3. Darren McFadden
    4. Frank Gore
    5. Lesean McCoy
    6. Peyton Hillis
    7. Rashard Mendenhall
    8. Ryan Grant
    9. Knowshon Moreno
    10. Fred Jackson

    I know weird top ten list, but i can see these players excelling this year if there is a season. Number one Chris Johnson, i really don't need to explain, this man is an amazing RB. along with Peterson. I like McFadden. Reason why, because everybody underestimates him, and he has the capabilities that most funning backs don't. He plays for a team that is constantly changing but at the RB position. He can catch and run, and is an everything player. Wouldn't surprise me to see him in the number one position at the end of the year. Some surprises on the list, no Foster (fluke games), no Charles. I think Foster had some great games last year but wore off at the end of the season. Charles has alot of competition at the RB position do not think he'll have that spot next year. A couple of players to watch out for is Cleveland Browns Hardesty. Got hurt last year but had huge hype. It will be fun watching defenses stop the hillis hardesty duo. Think Holmgren, dorsey levens, Shaun alexander. He loves to run the ball at beginning of games. We have all forgotten two more player when we talk about top RBs. Number one Brandon Jacobs. Phenomonal runner who pounds that ball and gets lots of goal line tds. Giants may go back to him with more runs this year. Thats how they got to the super bowl a few years back. Number two player is LT. It seemed to me people counted him out last year, but he is the silent killer. My top ten RBs. This is my story and im sticking to it.

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    • Clear something up. These are predictions, and anyways Charles isn't even the number one RB in KC, so obviously coaching staff in KC sees something yall don't see. Stephen Jackson is injury prone and getting kinda old. Don't think the Rams are going to get much out of him. MJD isn't a great fantasy football rb unless you get the return yards for points. I believe the Romo days are over, so why would anybody pick him first pick? I'm not an idiot, i have logic behind my picks, i just don't go on last years stats, bc that was last year. and as far as Foster goes. He was a come and go rb. He wasn't consistent. For a fantasy football team he would be frustrating because he would be good some weeks and horrible in others. Each rb on my list is pretty consistant, and owners know what they are getting every week.

    • MJD?

      I bet you will draft Romo first too, wont you?

    • Four of the top 5 rushers from last season didn't make your list???

    • If any of you guys dare to invite me to your leagues, invite me, i would personally guarantee i'll beat you but anyways. I will openly admit i forgot about Michael Turner. He would actually be in my top 5, i don't know why i forgot him. The reason for no Jamal Charles in my top ten is because the chiefs really don't score with him. TDS equals to more points. He scored 5 tds last year, and the sad thing his back up had 6 tds. We will see the Chiefs continue to go to their passing game to Mr. Bowe. Arian Foster is a one and done player and we will see that next year. He had an awesome first couple of games, and i saw many Fantasy Football teams jump on the Foster band wagon, and because they put him in every game hoping he would have that game he had the first few weeks. I didn't forget Stephen Jackson. The guy gets hurt about every year, why risk having a player with that repetition. My top ten RBS are safe picks, and not picks according to last years stats. I have won many super bowls in the last ten years of fantasy football, won lots of money, i believe i know what i'm doing. You don't believe me, there's only one way to find out invite me lol

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    • Follow this list if you want to get last in your fantasy league.

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