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  • Dave Dave Jan 6, 2011 9:14 AM Flag

    Do you like Yahoo FFL???

    Been using Fanball for many years, but considering alternatives. What things do you like or not like about Yahoo Fantasy Football? If familiar with both, please provide that feedback also. Thanks.

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    • Have played ESPN CBS and YAHOO. YAHOO is clearly the better overall format. Why CBS doesn't even dish out hardware and no consolation game!

    • CBS blows cause you gotta pay. Why would you pay when yahoo is free?

    • I've played ESPN, CBS, and Yahoo. Overall, Yahoo is the most user friendly and flexiable.

      The only major improvement Yahoo can make is to automatically post on the League board when a Commish makes a roster change to any team besides thier own. Too much cheating occured because this feature is not in place, with Commish's changing rosters to win with no record or notification of thier actions. A commish needs this ability, but with no accountability - it is being abused.

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      • As a player I like Yahoo's overall interface, the ability to customize your team logo. ESPN only allows what THEY have for logos and they are really bad. I agree with other poster, ESPN does load faster, but their INsider fantasy football content isn't the best. I like the Yahoo content best. CBS has been riddled with errors for a few years now, and I made the switch to Yahoo for 2010 fantasy football. As a commish in my first year, Yahoo allowed me to customize features better than NFL.com. Most of my owners are on Yahoo with other leagues and enjoy setting their pre-draft ranking list ONCE and being able to use this list for ALL of their leagues. I agree with poster noting that the Commissioner's roster moves on other teams MUST BE tracked just like any other transaction occurrence. Accountability is a must! Hope this is helpful!

    • yahoo has some room for improvement:

      -ability to edit tiebreakers for playoff seeds
      -ability to trade draft picks in keeper and dynasty leagues
      -better analysis and projections
      -roster position caps

      with that said i have used espn and i hate it because you can only set ur lineup for the current week, which sucks if you are traveling/away from internet for extended period. plus espn's whole setup is not as user friendly as yahoo.

      yahoo setup is more user friendly and overall it is better than espn.

    • yahoo is better....the only thing that isnt that good with them are player proj. points.....lil low

    • Google Sports

    • I have played yahoo and espn. I like yahoo the best. you get free stat tracker and you are able to set your line up for the entire season ( if you like ). I heard cbs is good, but it is expensive to play. I dont know about you, but i like pocketing my winnings, not paying for something that i can get for free

    • I play FF in Yahoo, CBS, NFL, ESPN & Fox, CBS/NFL is pretty vanilla, Fox is absolutely the worst. I like ESPN cuz setting lineups is fast. Also like Yahoo but the interface seems much slower in all their sports (football, basketball, hockey, baseball) so it takes longer to set lineups. I like the fellow owners in my Yahoo leagues much better, lotsa dirtbags in my ESPN leagues.

    • I've only played Yahoo and ESPN, and ESPN sucks IMO. And I've only played in public leagues. My only complaint, and it's because I'm in Public Leagues I realize, is the people that draft a team and thats it for the rest of the season. I wish there was some way if the teams were inactive for 4 weeks or so, the team would be disbanded, and the players go into a supplemental draft. Or something of that sort.

    • I enjoyed playing fantasy football. I thought I knew football from watching it on TV, but when I joined a league it opened up my eyes to all of the players.

      I really liked the easy to use stuff they have here on yahoo. I can see players ratings and compare players potential score.

      I got 5th place this season in my league. I guess I am hooked


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