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  • RichardC RichardC Dec 30, 2010 5:41 PM Flag

    Help needed for Week 17 please

    If I win my game in week 17, I win my league. Please let me know what you think of my lineup and should I make adjustments.

    QB - Flacco (Baltimore)
    WR - Williams (Tampa)
    WR - Lloyd (Denver)
    RB– Foster (Houston)
    W/R - Hillis (Cleveland)
    TE - Daniels (Houston)
    K - Hartley (New Orleans)
    DEF - Philadelphia

    QB - Kolb (Philadelphia) – Strategic pickup since Flacco has not done well against the Bengals

    QB - Hill (Detroit) – Strategic pickup to prevent other teams getting him in week 17

    RB - Harrison (Philadelphia) – I dropped McCoy after week 16

    TE - McMichael (San Diego) - I dropped Maclin after week 16 and strategic since I did not want anyone else to get him with Gates out.

    Thank you

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    • Bench hillis get another rb. He has really gone down from what he was


    • I hope this helps you...I have to say that I would go with Kolb over Flacco. I've had Flacco all year and he helped carry me to my championship game, but Bal has clearly gone into playoff mode and has relied very heavily on their run game and defense. Dallas has been passed on all year, and Kolb has all of the weapons. If you remember, Kolb had a couple of nice games. I know that Phi doesn't have anything else left to accomplish, but I know they will want to go into the playoffs on a high, and Kolb definitely has something to prove as I don't think he wants to be a backup his whole life. Everything else looks good except for Hillis...do you have any other options? He has slowed down drastically and he is going up against a tough Pit defense.


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