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  • kevin kevin Dec 30, 2010 1:09 AM Flag

    Yahoo fix webb issue

    Listen Yahoo. It was a funny little issue two weeks ago when we weren't sure what Webb was. But by now don't we know that he is a QB? I have to admit, I am amazed; that after the last two games you have a feeling that "he may be lining out wide on the very next play". Surely Yahoo you can get this figured out.

    Vladivostok Vipers

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    • I dunno, I did quite enjoy deploying Marques Colston (yeah, *the* Marques Colston) as a "Tight End" his rookie year when Yahoo had no more idea what to do with him than opposing defenses. This is a time honored tradition at Yahoo ;-)

    • "All the people @#$%ing about Joe Webb need to get a @#$% life.

      For two weeks these boards have been full of people losing their minds over how it's not fair he's listed as a QB. Yahoo already explained their position and that is that. If you don't like it switch to another site and stop your whining.

      As far as this idea he shouldn't be allowed to scorew QB points if he's used as a WR is insane. If a RB or WR throws a TD pass you get those points. Jay Feely ran for a TD the other day. Should that not count because he's a kicker? Should we not count passing stats for RBs or rushing stats for WRs next???

      Not to mention for all the @#$%ing do you know how many Fantasy points Joe Webb scored in the past three weeks? 1, 12 and 16.

      That's it. @#$% Jerome Simpson, Correll Buckhalter, Johnny Knox, John Kuhn, Andre Roberts and Jordy Nelson ALL WR or RB eligible outscored him this past week.

      So even if you have a problem with it, it's not like he's putting up 30 points a game.

      It's insane. STFU about it already. "

    • Let me guess... your opponent this weekend has Webb, and you're a bit worried right now? Would you have started this topic if you had had the foresight to pick up Webb?


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