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  • RiffRaff RiffRaff Dec 27, 2010 1:15 PM Flag

    AWESOME scenario - neep opinions

    Excellent dilemma.
    I lean towards Maclin. Here's why:
    You have the 20 point lead. He has to catch you. Maclin steals points from Vick being able to catch you by himself. Webb may play and certainly has bigger upside. But if he plays well, it also steals points from the PHI defense, so he does you good even from your bench if he does well. If you start him and he does well, great...If you start him and he does poorly, his D likely goes big and you're left hoping Vick doesn't do anything.

    Take advantage of the fact that you are up by 20 and make it as tough as possible for him to catch you by starting Maclin.

    Oh - - and I'm pretty sure Favre doesn't just get to say he wants to play this time around. He has to pass the concussion test or doctors cannot let him play - - I think. So - you may want to see if that happens and roll th dice with Webb. Defintely a bigger upside - - but I say a bigger downside too, so use your lead to your advantage. If you were tied, Webb is a no-brainer.


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