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  • ATVs ATVs Dec 27, 2010 12:50 AM Flag

    AWESOME scenario - neep opinions

    I'm up by 20 points but my opponent still has QB Vick and the Philly D left to play so he figures to get some decent points still.

    On my side I have the Philly K Akers and one WR spot open. I need to fill that one WR spot with either Phi WR Maclin or Min QB Webb, which should I start?

    Maclin is like insurance to limit the damage of some of Vicks magic, anything thrown to Maclin results in nothing gained for Vick pointswise.

    Webb on the other hand might get QB stats in the WR position but he's so raw it feels like a wildcard + if Vick has another monster day none of it will come to my WR slot.

    What would you do in this scenario, Maclin or Webb ?

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    • you play maclin to salvage any possible points.

      be realistic, you know how favre is. he is going to try to play. 3 points from maclin would be better than 0 points from a benched webb.

      i have webb, too. was really looking forward to having two qbs. i benched him the second that game was postponed.

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      • I benched Webb too and have Maclin up, but if I hear that Favre is out for sure before it's too late to change them I'll give Webb the nod. I won't feel bad for starting a QB at WR because he was available to everyone from the wire and I got him fairly, thanks in part to less than attentive managers that had waiver priority too.

        How rude is it of Favre never to give his fantasy owners time to adjust :-)

    • Ok 1st and maybe most important- I don't know how your league scores. So you will be the best judge, but lets look at a few things here:

      a.) Maclin is a safe receiver. He is very consistent. My league is .5 PPR and if you look at his numbers in my league he averages around 11-13 points per game. He has had a few bad games though.

      b.) Webb is unproven. However, in most leagues QB's get a favorable scoring setting. The ball will ALWAYS or NEARLY ALWAYS be in his hand. This is one of the main facets of fantasy. Is the player a focal point of the offense? If yes then it is almost always a smart play.

      c.) Favre may play. IF there is even a small chance he plays on Tuesday you MUST play Maclin. You dont want to lose your game by a point or two just because Webb isnt starting the game.

      d.) Finally, look at what Webb did in only a partial game... Think of what he could do in a full one

      In the end, it is obviously your call. But my pick would be Webb. Sure you run the risk of Favre playing. But if Vick does anything what I think he will....You will need a guy that has the ball on most plays and at least has a CHANCE of making a few big plays. Good luck!

    • P.S. Standard yahoo league - 6pt TD's, 1pt per 10 yards receiving, 1pt per 20 yards throwing etc.


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