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  • Gordon Gordon Dec 26, 2010 1:01 AM Flag

    Philly Snow Storm?

    So I just found out from the ESPN boards that there's a huge winter storm warning in Philly tomorrow. Blizzard like conditions with biggest snow accumulation between noon and midnight, and 20-40mph wind gusts.

    Ummm, anyone heard about this too? This could seriously hurt a lot of players. Vick, Maclin, Webb, and Akers just for starts. Now I dunno who to play!

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    • your options are good so i go along with that.....it just shortens the time you have to consider Webb is all. Good luck in whatever you decide

    • i cant wait for this game. I am from the shore in jersey and they are predicting a whole lot of snow for this area/and the philly area. i cant wait to watch this game tomorrow night!!

    • May affect passing game a little. Worst case scenario it will make Vick run, run Vick run. When was that a bad thing.

    • i looked on weather website. Dont make the mistake of comparing the field itself to last week in MIN. that stadium had no field warmers under it to melt snow and ice. All NFL outdoor stadiums do, so they wont be playing on an ice rink and there will be no snow on the field, just a cold wet field, wind and possibly snow coming down.

      People need to keep an eye on the Favre/Webb situation too, he was upgraded to Q today. I dont see Favre ending his career on the bench unless he gets hurt again

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      • oops, made a mistake of believing someone elses comment on Favre. he has NOT been upgraded to Q, he is still D......what happened was, Frazier refused to call him out, which leaves the door open for him to play. whats funny, MIN has the same time slot pretty much (late SUN game), which limits you greatly on a replacement for Webb. So i highly recommend people planning to use him go get either another WR playing in the same game, or a WR in the ATL-NO game monday to cover your butt if favre does start

      • True that Favre was upgraded, but he still hasnt passed any of the concussion tests yet and thats a much more serious injury than he dealt with last week. That being said, do you think I should gamble on Webb after only getting 6 from Kitna tonight? And what about Akers and Maclin, think they'll have a bad day with weather like that?


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