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  • New Yorker New Yorker Dec 18, 2010 4:23 PM Flag

    JOE WEBB- Ethical?

    Email me please.. jrodamerks@hotmail.com

    is it ethical for me to put Joe Webb in at WR slot, knowing he will be QB?

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    • 'ell yeah put him in as wr. i am on a playoff bye this week but need help in the wr slot so i already picked him up gambling favre's done for the season. in my league he fits in these cats: qb,wr,wr/te,wr/rb...i've got options.


    • i have done just exactly that in two of my leagues !! even if he has a really bad day, he will at least get higher points than an above average receiver. if he does good, what a bonus to use in the playoffs !!


    • I do not see it as an ethical issue. I can understand why some would be annoyed by this move, especially those that might face the possibility of facing a team starting him at WR. However, lets be honest there are lots of moves in your leagues every year that people do not like (Pat's homers I am talking to you) but just because this one is a bit more esoteric does not make it any more out of line. I am sure that next year Yahoo! will change this setting but until then, just take it like a man. So, I say stick him in at WR mate and realise that it might not pan out like you want unless yor league is QB biased.

    • Definitely, It's fantasy football, I tried but one of the other mgrs already picked him up on the wire to do the same thing!

    • is it ethical to play dallas clarke as a te? mismatches happen all the time. get tehre first.

    • Is this a serious question? If it is wow. Just follow the rules of your League and Yahoo.

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      • BTW
        This Joe Webb Hype is nuts.
        Ive heard hes so fast and bad ass that he will be throwing Passes and TDs to himself...!!!!!! The yahoo scoring system will crash and burn this weekend due to his special powers. Little known fact Superman wears Joe Webb Pajamas.
        Now super powers are unethical. Its a fine line your walking.

    • not cheating bro. He was introduced to Yahoo leagues after season start, due to the fact he was lining up at WR. MIN lists him as a QB. There is no reason to think he wont be at WR ever again, so Yahoo wont be changing it, matter fact, Yahoo promoted PUTTING HIM IN at WR on the fantasy sports main page.....anyone who's upset needs to get over it, you're only mad you didnt win the race to get him!

      That said, heres a way to look at Webb in MOST formats

      lets say he goes 9/16 151 yds 1 rush TD 2 int....in most leagues, he's got to be a solid start....total up what that modest, under par set of stats will score you, then go look what a WR or WR/RB in the flex has to do to get the same number of points. if its non ppr, and your leagues Rush yards TD and receiving yards are the same as passing stats, thats pretty much the same as 151 yards receiving or rushing, 1 TD 2 fumbles (give or take a point or 2 for leagues where you have to get 20-25 YPP for passing) that said, whats more likely to happen? Webb have a sub par day like that or your 2nd or 3rd WR, or your WR/RB flex have a GOOD day like that?

      you gotta go with webb in the #2 or 3, or WR/RB flex in the vast majority of scoring formats

    • I think if you asked the other managers in your league they would tell you that it's not a problem. Webb is not likely to post Peyton
      Manning like numbers. He most likely he will either be a total bust or at best a poor choice for wr3. I would put him on the bench and see what he does this week.. If he does well start him next week. I don't even see any ethics involved here.

    • You're not doing yourself any favors, he's gonna suck against Chicago. Better off starting a half-decent WR

    • everyone in the league had the same opporunity to pick him up, you were just faster than they were.

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