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  • Titan* Titan* Dec 18, 2010 2:36 PM Flag

    Webb Hype? need advice

    I wasn't buying into all the Webb as a WR hype due to poor weather and the fact that Peppers will be after him all game but I have to start 1 out of these 4, please help

    Webb vs Chi
    Harvin vs Chi
    Choice vs Dal -- Barber expected back
    R. Jennings vs Ind -- MJD missed some practice and he has posted 10+ points in 3 straight weeks

    I'm leaning towards Jennings over Webb.
    What do yall think is Webb worth the risk up aginst Chi D in bad weather?

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    • Yeah I know that. I think it is irrelevant. He's practiced or stood on the sidelines in cold weather this year..he plays for the vikings. Even if he hasn't 15 degrees when you're pumped with adrenaline and running around all over the field is nothing. He will be sweating his ass off when he is playing, and they will keep him warm when he's on the bench.

      I played QB in HS and college...a cold ball is just a harder ball. It's not a big deal at all. His hands will be warm. These guys are professionals...they can handle cold weather.

      As for who will do better AP or Webb: basically..AP will do well if Webb does well. If Webb does bad I don't see how AP can do well with 8, 9 guys in the box all day. IF They both do well..I see Webb scoring more points, but not by much. The only way AP will outscore him is if AP gets all the TDs in the redzone.."vulturing" them from Webb. But Iit is really rare for a QB to go a whole game without a TD

      If i were you, starting Webb over AP is a huge gamble...even though I think Webb will outscore him a little...I'd stick with your #1 draft pick that got you here. Go with Webb next week if he does well. OR go with my original advice.

    • OK, so, do you think he'll outscore AP. I'm figuring 80 yds and a score for AP. I'm thinking 125 pass and 30 run and a TD from Webb. That would make them even in points. Did you know Webb has never played in any weather lower than 60 degrees. Came from UAB...

    • chew on this for awhile:

      23 of 32 starting QBs from Week 14 scored at least 12 points or more (standard scoring). Only 16 of 64 starting WRs scored 12 points or more (standard scoring) in Week 14.

      Also, the Bears have NO game film on Webb, they have no gameplan to stop him. They will be stacking the box to stop AP. Webb will be given a lot of opportunity to make plays. Until he does prove himself the Bears are going to focus their efforts on shutting down the run game.

    • thats why its hype, it isnt fact, he will be a non factor.

    • start Webb. All you people worrying about the weather..its pretty funny. Forecast calls for a high of 15 degrees, 6mph winds, and 10% chance of precipitation. = a cold clear evening. BIG DEAL. These guys are professional athletes. I've played in temperatures that cold...that wht under armor, cold gear, and hand warmers/jackets are for.

      If I were you I would've started jennings if rodgers was playing, but since he isn't go Webb.

      I am going Webb over Britt.

    • I think jennings is your only other option. but i really dont think he is going to do much this week to be honest. I think the jags are going to be playing catch up. I would start webb. he will have the ball in his hands on every offensive play.

    • Anyone else?

    • Start a QB in a WR slot? YOU BETCHA!

      Even with a bad day, most QB's will outscore a WR.

    • Just check out the Chuck Norris of the NFL topic if you have any thoughts on Joe Webb.

    • Keep Webb on the bench until he shows something even if he is WR eligible. He doesn't have an arm and won't do anything against a Chicago D on a frozen field.


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