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  • Patrick Giruzzi Patrick Giruzzi Dec 17, 2010 10:55 PM Flag


    ok i know everyone is pissed about this whole joe webb thing but i was able to pick him up in my leauge for ocho so its not a big deal but do i start him over lloyd and larry fitzgerald(two ppl who have done nothing the past couple weeks so...) i figured he will get more points then both of them even tho he is going against CHI DEF but still....scoring= 1point per every 25passing yards, 1point per every 10rec yards.....


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    • Sup Patrick. The ol' joe webb dilemma. Honestly dude, I really wouldn't be right to give advice on this guy. In my OPINION, the bears defense will absolutely shut down the vickings on monday night. They got pummeled last week in the blizzard and will be out to seek revenge. I wouldnt touch webb with a thousand foot pole dude. And tht's what im telling everyone. Its up too you man. But out of those 2, If your really content on benching someone, lloyd. Orton has been pitiful, and oak has pretty good stats against apposing wide outs. GL man


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