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  • Big Grande Big Grande Dec 8, 2010 2:53 AM Flag

    Fantasy Football Scoring is BS

    Can you specifically draft players that are going to score 2-point conversions in a league where 2-point conversions are worth over 2 times more than a TD? Have you every played in a 20 team deep (multiple players at every position) league? Try it sometime and you will know what I'm talking about.

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    • The fact of the matter is that it's your choice to play in those leagues. I don't play in them because I choose not to, but if I did I would be aware of the league's scoring format.

      If you don't like the way the league scores points or how deep the leagues is, you don't have to be involved in it.

      My point is that regardless of how the points are scored, every owner has equal opportunity to score points regardless of the format. There shouldn't be any question about scoring after 13 weeks of playing in that league.

    • That is ridiculous that a 2 point conversion is worth more than 2 points. Or that a safety could be worth more than two points. I don't like it that our league gives bonuses for distance field goals. A field goal is worth 3 points, period. So I hear ya. There should be some sanity to the scoring system. I could see how you would get frustrated.


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