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  • Big Grande Big Grande Dec 8, 2010 2:46 AM Flag

    Fantasy Football Scoring is BS

    By standardize I mean all leagues should have to use the same values. 6 points for a rushing TD, 3 points for a passing and 3 for a receiving would be fine with me; as long as its the same ratio in all leagues....that could mean 18 points for a rushing TD, 9 points for a passing and 9 points receiving; same difference. THERE NEEDS TO BE A STANDARD WHERE ALL SCORING/STATISTICS ARE VALUED FAIRLY AND NOT LEFT TO THE DESCRETION OF THE LEAGUE COMMISSIONER (I commission several leagues myself so no need to go there, I keep my settings fair)

    • Yeah. I have no problem with that. I look at some of these Yahoo leaders that are scoring almost 3000 points. It is ridiculous. I agree with that. But variety is interesting too. Some people believe return yards are important b/c they determine field position. Our league doesn't count them. I suppose too many people have philosophical differences. For example, I think that a Defensive shutout should be worth a TON of points, b/c in a real football game, if your team pitches a shutout, it is almost an automatic win (a tie at worst) regardless of how everyone else plays. Not everyone would agree with that. And a lot of these philosophical and scoring differences completely effect drafting strategies and personnel decisions. But I see your point and I wouldn't have a problem with what you propose.


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