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  • Big Grande Big Grande Dec 8, 2010 1:22 AM Flag

    Fantasy Football Scoring is BS

    In that case the QB hands off the ball to the RB so he should get half the credit for the TD? None could score if the OL did not block or the FB did not pick up the blitz. ALL TDs SHOULD BE WORTH THE SAME 6 for the guy that threw it and 6 for the guy that caught it. 6 for the guy that ran it from scrimige and 6 for the guy that returned the KO or punt for a TD. THERE SHOULD BE A STANDARDIZED SCORING SYSTEM IN FANTASY FOOTBALL AS THERE IS IN ALL OTHER FANTASY SPORTS. IT SHOULD NOT BE LEFT UP TO THE COMMISSIONER TO CHOOSE HOW THE POINTS ARE REWARDED NOR HOW MUCH EACH TYPE OF SCORE IS VALUED (like making a return TD worth 10 times more than a passing or rusing TD). I just want fantasy football to be standardized like all the other fantasy sports are. I mean come on in baseball a run scored is a run scored, stealing home is not worth more than any other type of run even though it rarely happens, in baskeball a free throw is 1 point, a FG inside the line is worth 2 and a FG outside the line is worth 3. I just want to see standardized scoring in football, otherwise its based more on luck than it is ones skill as a manager.

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    • As far as basketball and baseball, they have their issues too.

      An assist doesn't appear on the scoreboard, but you get points for them.

      W/HIP has nothing to do with runs, but you get points for it.

      You make valid points. And I agree that a return TD should be scored as any other rushing TD. I feel that bonuses suck. I think pick 6 should count as -6 against the QB that threw it rather than just as a regular INT. I think all field goals should be worth 3 points no matter how far they are. Ultimately, aside from yards, I think the # of points scored over the NFL weekend should reflect the number of points award in a fantasy league. But not all TDs are the same, and should not be worth 6 points. Then, if you have a QB/WR tandem that scores a lot of TDs, you get 2x the amount of points scored. Now you have one TD being worth 12 points. That is not realistic and should not be the standard.

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      • I don't have a problem with counting/totaling statistics, I have a problem in rewardomg values (fantasy points scored) for one type of statistic over another (you only see this in football). In basketball you get 1 assist for an 1 assist but you don't get like 3 assists for 1 allyoop dunk pass. In fantasy basketball and baseball the scoring and stats are all standardized (you get what you get), which is not the same in fantasy football, that is my complaint.

    • I understand what you mean. These scoring issues should be agreed upon by the members of the league before the season starts. As far as the QB getting credit for a hand-off, that makes no sense. In the statistics, the TD goes to the runner alone. If there is a passing TD, in the statistics, one is recorded for the QB, and one is recorded for the receiver. They each get credit for their part in the play. That is how the statistics are officially recorded. To give 12 points for a 6 point play is absurd, in my opinion. Not all TDs are the same. Some are scored by one player (rushing tds), and some are scored by two players (receiving tds). Those that are scored by more than one player should have the points shared.


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