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  • Big Grande Big Grande Dec 8, 2010 12:56 AM Flag

    Fantasy Football Scoring is BS

    Its all up to the commissioners discretion. There are no standardized scoring values as is the case in all the other fantasy sports. A TD should be a TD regardless of how it is scored, a INT should be an INT, and so forth. The way fantasy football is scored, half the teams that make the playoffs don't deserve to be there while 3 or 4 better teams are wondering what the hell?

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    • seriously dude?? stop being such a pussy!! you knew how the scoring was before you joined the league. you're just complaining now because your shitty team won't make it into the playoffs.man up bitch!!

    • It was nice having this discussion with you. I enjoyed it and appreciate your opinion. Good luck to you with the rest of your season.

    • Okay, I see what you mean. I can't disagree with that. As long as the scoring reflects the impact the plays have on an actual game and actual victories/defeats. Your comment that 2-point conversions are worth 2x a touchdown is just comical. It is so ludicrous that it is almost not worth playing in a league like that. I feel the scoring has to be realistic. I total agree with you.

    • What I'm talking about is standardizing the scoring in fantasy football like it is in all other leagues. Instead of having a total score, there should be categories........TD, YP, YR, FD, FGM, PC.......Tackles, Sacks, INT, FR, YPP and so forth

    • I don't see how you can complain about your leagues scoring after 13 weeks of fantasy football. And to say that half the teams that make it to the playoffs don't deserve it just doesn't make any sense. Every owner has the same opportunity to choose their players based on the leagues scoring format at the beginning of the season. If you don't select you players accordingly, you have no one to blame but yourself.

      I've been playing fantasy football for 10 years, and I've never heard an owner of a team that doesn't make it in to the playoffs suggesting they didn't make it because of the way points are scored. So to say that 3-4 teams are wondering what the hell is not logical.

      As far as other sports scoring points, their is no standardization in those either. There are variations to how points are scored in all fantasy sports.

      It's a owners responsibility to know what the scoring format is before the draft so they can have a strategy for how the select their players.

      Just my thoughts!!!

    • You do make another interesting point I would like to address: OL getting credit for rushing TDs. Since you don't draft lines, it doesn't really apply. BUT, return TDs can be set up different ways. Since you draft D/ST -- Defense and Special Teams -- there are options on how to score return TDs. Some give the TD to the individual return man (this is how my league scores it). I don't really like this b/c the points usually go to some guy no one ever plays, like Leon Washington. I think, since those plays require the whole unit to do their job, that the points should go to the D/ST. This is similar to your concept that the OL get credit for rushing TDs. And, if you could draft a team's OL, then I would see no problem with sharing the TD points between the OL and the RB. But, you would also have to penalize the OL when the QB gets sacked. That is an interesting thought.

    • Its not that hard. check your leagues scoring rules and then draft appropriately. if your league scores passing touchdowns as 6 points then a good quarterback is valued higher. If your league counts return touchdowns for receivers then draft WRs that also return punts. and if you cant stand the scoring rules in your league than bring it up with the commish before the season or create your own.

    • I am not sure what you mean, but I like the variations. A TD is not necessarily worth 6 points. In my league, a rushing TD is worth 6, but a passing/receiving TD is worth 3 points -- the points are shared b/t the QB and the WR. That way, amount of TD points awarded in the FF league is EXACTLY the same as the amount awarded in the NFL. For example, a team in my league has Colston and Brees. In most leagues, if they hook up on a TD play, 12 points would be awarded to one team for one TD, though only 6 were actually scored. That makes no sense to me. It is the bonuses that I don't like.

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      • In that case the QB hands off the ball to the RB so he should get half the credit for the TD? None could score if the OL did not block or the FB did not pick up the blitz. ALL TDs SHOULD BE WORTH THE SAME 6 for the guy that threw it and 6 for the guy that caught it. 6 for the guy that ran it from scrimige and 6 for the guy that returned the KO or punt for a TD. THERE SHOULD BE A STANDARDIZED SCORING SYSTEM IN FANTASY FOOTBALL AS THERE IS IN ALL OTHER FANTASY SPORTS. IT SHOULD NOT BE LEFT UP TO THE COMMISSIONER TO CHOOSE HOW THE POINTS ARE REWARDED NOR HOW MUCH EACH TYPE OF SCORE IS VALUED (like making a return TD worth 10 times more than a passing or rusing TD). I just want fantasy football to be standardized like all the other fantasy sports are. I mean come on in baseball a run scored is a run scored, stealing home is not worth more than any other type of run even though it rarely happens, in baskeball a free throw is 1 point, a FG inside the line is worth 2 and a FG outside the line is worth 3. I just want to see standardized scoring in football, otherwise its based more on luck than it is ones skill as a manager.


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