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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 10, 2010 8:08 PM Flag

    Rate my Squad- ppr, ret yd, idp league

    Very good team, depending on how deep your league is I think your set for a championship

    Rate mine:

    This is my team:

    Mark Sanchez
    Brandon Tate
    Dez Bryant
    Devin Hester
    Steven Jackson
    Knowshon Moreno
    Vernon Davis
    Josh Scobee
    New England

    My bench:
    Drew Brees
    Marques Colston
    Donald Driver
    Carnell Williams
    Fred Jackson
    Brent Celek

    Standard PPR H2H league and I'm projected to lose 119.94 to 166.55 - Bryant Tate and Hester should all do well with not only there catches, but there returns

    The other guys got Brady, Fitzgerald, Mike Wallace, Nicks, LeSean McCoy, Jones-Drew, Tamme, Tynes, and Tampa Bay

    Some good available players are: Aromashodu, Barber, Britt, Massaquoi, Goodson, Blair White, Houshmandzadeh, Burleson, Chambers and Cribbs

    I'm looking to stabilize my WR this week as I have a good team at the beginning and end of the season, but it's these byes that kill me.

    If you could help me that'd be huge, or maybe just put in your input, because I don't see my team doing this bad and his team doing this good.

    I was thinking maybe Burleson and White? What do you guys think?


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    • It's a12 team league, but I'm only in 4th bc Ive been screwed out of 3 victories due to in game injuries. I like your team. It is very unfortunate about the bye weeks. As for your Wr situation, I would look into Jacoby Ford(he's also a pr), Nate Washington(bc kenny britt is hurt and Randy Moss should help him out like he helped percy harvin), and Mike Thomas(bc he is a pr and he is playing against the texans d this week) I would lean towards Thomas and Washington out of the 3. Ford may be a flash in the pan. I would also look into grabbing Garrard at qb for this week bc he has an easy matchup against houston.


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