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  • Andrew Andrew Oct 17, 2010 12:31 AM Flag

    Trade Pending Question

    Hello I proposed a trade earlier this week it was

    I give

    Lance Moore
    Visanthe Shiancoe

    I get

    Marques Colston

    I have gates as other TE they had Finley as there TE

    Anyways The trade was accepted like a few days ago and was wondering when will the trade happen like will if affect this week so if I leave Lance Moore in at WR and the trade goes through it's pending right now. So will I not get his points if he has any, or Will his Points still count for me. Or do you guys think I should start Dwayne Bowe in his place. Also other teams TE was Finley so he was dropped and no other TE was picked up or on his team and so there TE spot is empty so will the other team get the points that Shiancoe gets once the trade goes through. Yahoo says his trade will be reflected on the lineup for Week 6. If you've set your lineup in advance for future dates, please note those changes will be reset to match your lineup for the day players are added, and this is week 6 so yeah any ideas about this.


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    • From what I have been able to research about Pending Trades, so long as your trade was accepted by Friday you should be good. I am in the same boat this week, and while I am uneasy with the trade still pending, I know that by tomorrow morning the players will be in my roster. I had better get to sleep if I expect to wake up to start my new superstars!!!

      My trade: Andre Johnson, Ryan Torain and DeAngelo Williams FOR: Johnny Knox, Jamaal Charles, Ladainian Tomlinson. I made this trade because I have great WR's and not so great RB's.

    • thats a horrible trade... randy moss being on that team opens more catches for everyone else because moss will always have the best guy on him... and farve LOVES to throw to shank... and colston will have a good game every now and then but you cant trust brees enough to be dependable.


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