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  • B G B G Sep 25, 2010 7:06 PM Flag

    MJ.Drew for Peyton Manning please help?

    I was offered Eli Manning M.J.Drew & J.Finley for Peyton Manning Crabtree & Witten. Its a 10 team ppr league. Do I take the trade or try something else? Where do I need to improve and who do I move? thanks

    Randy Moss
    A. Boldin
    B.Jackson (had Grant)
    D.MacFadden ---flex wr/rb


    Legedue Naanee
    Felix Jones
    Ricky Williams
    Dexter Mcluster

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    • nah I wouldn't do it you have a pretty good all around team, unlucky that you lost grant otherwise you'd be lookin reaalll good right about now. i like mccoy at rb but you need another solid rb, i would try to package boldin and macfadden for an upgrade at rb since you have depth at wr

    • manning the better player

    • NO. don't do it. MJD is a slow starter and will be good but you need a good QB irregardless of 4 pts or 6pts for throwing TDs.
      Peyton Manning is the top QB so far and probably end up finishing in top 3. Eli manning is a border-line starter in 10 man and you don't want him as your starter.

      Play McFadden as your starter and bench Jackson for now. start J. Maclin as your Flex until Santonio Holmes come back or Crabtree start playing well

    • If it's 4 point per Pass TD, do it. If it's 6 per Pass TD don't. You need help at RB. McCoy won't do what he did last week ever again and Brandon Jackson is not going to be the only back in GB. You wouldn't start Crabtree anyways with Maclin on your bench and Holmes coming back.