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    flex help!! lots of money on the line and team not the best!!

    hey! who should i start as my flex position? jonathon stewart vs tampa or carnell williams vs car?
    also i have santonia holmes- hes obv out for a bit- you think i should pick up someone? mohammad massoqoi, amrio manningham, and jabar gaffney look like the best people in the pool... we have a lot of playas in the league so its pretty tight... what do you think?> let me know and thanks for ur help!! :)

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    • stewart fo sho, and pick up massaquoi that should be a high scoring game in kc mass will be good for 80 yds and a td

    • cadillac the boss he gets all the carries stewert splits.... Go with da caddy YO!

    • im in the same situation im flexing jonathen stewart. and i got 800 on the line . i won the money last year , now im having to start my bench cause i had ryan grant but he is hurt i say flex stewart, he gonna be a beast against tampa.and im also thinking about picking up m.m. idk if its a good pickup though ill just have to see but flex stewart and then mabye consider picking up m.m

    • as a disclaimer since a lot of money is on the line for you: this is just my thought about your flex choice you presented. stewart looks like a good option for these reasons (pros and cons):

      carolina does not have a qb that's good and moore is coming off a concussion...might not start. skinny is that armanti might be activated to run the 'mountaineer'/wildcat. this makes carolina 1 dimensional this week so look for williams and stewart to get tons of carries (tandem that rushed for over 1,000 yds last season each), but i think williams will get the most and if armanti is in the mix, he'll undoubtedly get his rushing chances.

      cadillac is a threat to the rushing game; however, carolina D has much improved over last season. they tend to rush the qb more and in preseason had 4 more sacks than any other nfl team. since they let peppers go to the bears which released a lot of money, carolina was able to sign younger players who are quicker. also carolina now has a good developing 2ndary which they have lacked in past years. on the flip side, they are also the youngest team in the nfl. gl!


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