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  • Briand J Briand J Sep 11, 2010 4:46 PM Flag

    Deangelo Williams or Ahmad Bradshaw?

    They are playing each other. The Giants Defense seems to be the real deal this year, im thinkin possibly starting bradshaw on this one. What do you peeps think?

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    • actually tough decision regardless of the other posts. i agree with most of what's been said; however, consider this from a panther fan so take it for what it's worth:

      panthers won last meeting;
      panthers D is better this season--sans pep (great!). preseason they didn't even show their top plays/players (coach fox's secret) and still were able to have 4 more sacks than any other team in the nfl preseason games.

      on the downside to carolina, otah is still out so their running game will hurt somewhat. upside, carolina has nothing but a running game since they really don't have a real starting qb. watch for these 2 things to happen: eli and co. will be rushed all day long from a young, fast, hungry D and rb combo of stewart/williams will have to do the bulk of the work on the offensive side of the ball with the added pressure of making it to the endzone for the 1st time this season.

      either player is worthy of a start. flip a coin and gl to you!

    • bradshaw; carolina can't stop the run and he will outperform jacobs

    • I'd say start Bradshaw. The Giants' defense looked strong against the run the entire preseason, they're main issue was 3rd down coverage. That said, the Giants may contain Williams and force the production to be split between him and Stewart. Bradshaw will get more opportunities than Jacobs and the Giants like giving him screen opportunities to break long plays. I think starting Bradshaw pays more dividends, at least this week.


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