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  • Nati W Nati W Sep 3, 2010 2:46 PM Flag

    Need some knowledge from a expert

    2 trades dont know which one is better?

    A;Reggie wayne for Ronnie Brown Marion Barber and Hakeem Nicks

    B: Desean for Jamal Charles and Maclin

    My Team 2 qb league


    QB- Aaron Rodgers, Vince Young

    RB- Beanie, ReggieBush

    WR- Wayne, DeseanJackson

    Wr/Rb- PercyHarvin

    TE- Finley


    Bench- MikeWallace, Sproles, Jacoby Jones, Carolina D, Josh Freeman and 1 empty spot

    Which trade should i take? Thanks

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    • trade A def....u cud really use the extra Rbs who arent that bad....nicks is going to have a great yr, and djax is too...plus u have m wall that is going to blow up this yr....u r gaing a lot more with trade A

    • Trade B is a WAY better trade.

      First of all you're giving up your second best WR instead of your first best. You're also getting the better players in return (IMO). Jamal Charles lit the world on fire in the second half of last season. He doesn't need to touch the ball 350 times like some RBs do. 200 rushes and 50 catches will be enough which he should easily get even with T. Jones in town. Brown on the other hand is a player I will never own ... he always gets injured and if you look at his stats from last season they are heavily skewed by the one game he torched the Pats in ... other than that he's pretty average. Barber? A beast of a player ... who will touch the ball even less than Charles and may also get hurt.

      Maclin and Nicks both have similar potential ... Nicks probably a bit more.

      Go with trade B and keep your #1 WR and get the RB with the most upside.

    • trade B clearly... Charles is supposed to blow up this year and everything i have read Desean and Maclin are going to switch rolls. everything i have read and watched says that they will become closer in stats not all desean. Remember, maclin was a Rookie last year just learning the system and did very well, now with one year experiance.... i have him in all my leagues fyi giant sleeper.


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