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  • Brandon Brandon Aug 31, 2010 9:45 PM Flag

    do i make this trade... im givin up calvin johnson!!

    im giving calvin johnson and reggie bush and getting vincent jackson and pierre thomas??

    we have a unique league, we start 4 rb and 4 wr. i have rice, turner, wells, charles, (bench- forsett r. bush) and
    a. johnson, c. johnson, bowe, driver, (bench- meechum, royal)

    would u do it need depth at rb, thats what my thinking on this is

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    • Seems to me that you are stacked pretty good at RB. We don't really know how well Wells and Charles are going to stack up yet. They would bode better for their coaches if they can convince that they can hold on to the ball. Pierre Thomas should be great this year, but there is a serious downside to trading. Nobody knows when Vincent Jackson is going to play though it does seem certain he will still be in San Diego at some point. Calvin Johnson is the real deal. Keep him. You have a balanced team at RB and WR. There is no need to give up your No. 2 receiver for Pierre Thomas and a WR that is a huge question mark.

    • c. johnson will be great, jackson has bust all over it. but thomas is better than bush. i say no way!!! calvin will be top 3 wr this year.

    • i'd take it. bush hasn't been great fantasy, but jackson is serving a suspension so there's that factor.


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