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  • Mary F. Mary F. Jun 13, 2010 6:10 PM Flag

    To All Newbies

    Responding to the comment.."....leagues are ran by CHEATERS!".... And this Inconvenient Truth (not Frank Gore) is the exact reason why I, an HONEST commissioner, am having a very hard time filling my custom league. As a rookie commish, I truly expect to get beat--- fair and square--period. because of the talent of the other owners. They have put their trust in me. If I screw them, I've lost their respect and they will NEVER WANT to play with me again. My attitude and concern alone puts me in a totally different catagory of commissioners. Word of mouth is the best advertisement. My goal is to have the owners in my NFL History 101 League (it's listed in Directory) to have the best fantasy football experience. And when they do, my goal is met, and they will tell their friends and I won't have any trouble next year filling my league. Word does get around...good or bad. And the commissioners of Yahoo must decide for themselves, which one do THEY want attached to them. I'll take the good!


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