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    THIS is what it's all about...another great fantasy year! Who was your team and how much did u win by? "We play to win the game".....
    Aaron Rodgers
    (GB - QB)
    Sea W, 48-10 23.88 16.08
    Vincent Jackson
    (SD - WR)
    @Ten W, 42-17 8.95 4.87
    Miles Austin
    (Dal - WR)
    @Was W, 17-0 8.15 5.26
    Dwayne Bowe
    (KC - WR)
    @Cin L, 17-10 5.81 4.07
    Chris Johnson
    (Ten - RB)
    SD L, 42-17 17.97 18.94
    Thomas Jones
    (NYJ - RB)
    @Ind W, 29-15 10.03 14.00
    Greg Olsen
    (Chi - TE)
    Min W, 36-30 5.37 9.13
    Jerome Harrison
    (Cle - RB)
    Oak W, 23-9 11.81 15.65
    Ryan Longwell
    (Min - K)
    @Chi L, 36-30 10.06 7.00
    San Francisco
    (SF - DEF)
    Det W, 20-6 13.71 21.00
    Total 115.74 116.00 vs. 55.10. THE WINNER IS ME!!! WOOHOO!!!

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    • I played 2 on Yahoo and won 1 and played 3 on CBS.com and won 2 but the best thing I've seen in 10 years of playing was this year in the league I didn't win on Yahoo. A guy won by .08 because of a stat correct giving 1 point to Dallas' defense due to an overlooked sack. It is incredible due to fact that Yahoo posted the other guy as champion for 24 hrs by .02 which would have been the closest win I've ever heard of.

    • I went 11-1-1....Here was my team:

      Aaron Rodgers/QB
      Matt Hasselback/QB Bench
      Derrick Mason/WR
      Steve Smith/WR
      Wes Welker/WR
      Hakeem Nicks/WR Bench
      Devery Henderson/WR Bench
      Patrick Crayton/WR Bench
      Lee Evans/WR Bench
      Jamaal Charles/RB
      Jason Snelling/RB/WR Slot
      Ahmad Bradshaw/RB Bench
      Jason Whitten/TE
      Dan Carpenter/K
      Green Bay-D
      Jon Beason-D Player
      Patrick Willis-D player
      London Fletcher-D-Player/Bench

    • QB-Tom Brady
      RB-Chris Johnson
      Cederic Benson
      Thomas Jones
      Deangelo Williams
      WR-Larry Fitzgerald
      Miles Austin
      Chad Ochocinco
      Deshean Jackson
      TE-Antonio Gates
      K--Ryan Longwell

    • Won my league mainly through free agent pickups and a lot of luck. 2nd year in a row.

      Final Roster

      Farve (FA)
      R.Brown (IR)
      Slaton (IR)
      Harrison (FA)
      Charles (FA)
      S.Smith (FA)
      S.Smith (Trade)
      Sims-Walker (FA)
      Janikowski (FA)
      San Diego

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      • Started season with Cutler/Flacco/AP/Ronnie Brown/injured P. Thomas/injured TJ Duckett/Antonio Bryant/Roy Williams/injured Breaston/unsigned Crabtree/Bironas/NE Def/Chase Coffman/Chicago TE Olsen. Yahoo! picked this team.

        Ended season with Orton (FA),AP,Ricky Williams (Trade), J.Charles (W), Megatron (Trade), Greg Jennings (Trade), Antonio Gates (Trade), Shayne Graham (FA), GB Def (W). Bench Ganther (W), Cribbs (W), Gafney (FA), Morgan (FA), Matt Moore (FA). I won 14 team league Regular Season and Superbowl.

    • At the beginning of the year, My team was poised for domination-
      D. Brees
      A. Johnson
      S. Smith (Car)
      D. Mason
      M. Turner
      R. Brown
      A. Gates
      J. Carney
      Minn Def

      Needless to say, week 10 was the most devastating day in anyone's Fantasy Career... You lose both starting running backs due to injury on the same day :-(
      I thought my days were numbered....

      After a few key moves, I managed to scrape up some kicking help in Lawrence Tynes, used by bench RB's in Ryan Grant and LeSean McCoy to help rebound the run game until McCoy became obsolete so I snagged Beanie Wells. I squeaked my way through to the finals and ended with the fantasy blowout of the week-
      D. Brees
      A. Johnson
      S. Smith (Car)
      D. Mason
      R. Grant
      B. Wells
      A. Gates
      L. Tynes
      49's Def
      A. Rodgers
      V. Jackson
      B. Marshall
      M. Austin
      M. Jones-Drew
      J. Harrison
      T. Gonzalez
      R. Longwell
      Philly Def


      To a New Year of wins, losses, trades, waivers, and Fantasy Victory

    • i won my champonship game 124 to 87 team p.rivers-a.johnson-w.welker-s.smith-ap all day-j charles-k.winslow-d.akers-cinncy

    • Yo Yo! My first year doing Fantasy and I won the Bowl! My team was Carson Palmer, Randy Moss, Calvin Johnson(bust) Adrian Peterson, Ricky Williams, Lawrence Maroney, Dallas Clark, Steve Smith(nyg), Michael Crabtree, Dwayne Bowe, Ryan Longwell, Defenses used: Jets, Giants, Titans, Texans, and 49ers. I was in a small league and was able to pickup a ton of players who were streaking for a week or two so, that contributed to my championship run. I was a #4 seed in the playoffs and won the Title Game by 3 points! "Kiss the Ring B****!" Frank The Tank Out!

    • This was my championship starting lineup:

      QB Alex Smith
      WR Vincent Jackson
      WR Reggie Wayne
      RB Frank Gore
      RB Jerome Harrison
      TE Jason Witten
      W/T Danny Amendola
      K Garret Heartley
      DEF Arizona

      I won 108.7-92.2

    • My team (final week of the season):

      QB: Philip Rivers
      RB: Beanie Wells
      RB: Jamaal Charles
      WR: Andre Johnson
      WR: Roddy White
      WR: Anquen Boldin
      TE: Antonio Gates
      K: R. Longwell
      DEF: San Fran

      Mendenhall(usually started him)
      NO Defense
      D. Mason

      I was also a R. Brown and Turner owner...so I'm a little surprised I won. I won 139-110, big thanks to Roddy White.

      And lol, I only have two players left from my original drafted team.

      Here is my original team:

      QB: Tony Romo(he was too dam inconsistent in the begining, so I packeged him and some other players for Rivers and a struggling/hurt Boldin.
      HB: M. Forte (traded him after he played my favorite team, the Browns)
      HB: R. Grant (ditto, dumped him after he played Browns)
      WR: R. Moss(Only guy I regret giving up, but worked out in the end for me)
      WR: D. Driver
      WR: B. Berrian (yuck, took him in the 7th round)
      TE: Gates
      K: Elam
      DEF: NYJ

      Also drafted Mason, Fasano, McGahee, McFadden, Garrard and Hixon.

      Some pickups that helped me win, via trading most of them away in a package for a stud: H. Nicks, S. Rice, Ricky Williams(ended up screwing me, traded him in package for R. Brown, lol) Massaqoui(someone really wanted him, lol) , J. Shockey, NO Defense, Crabtree, Beanie Wells, A. Collie, J. Forsett, J. Charles.

      Not too bad from a team that scored 37 points in week 5!

    • i won my 2 leagues mainly because i got ray rice in the 7th rd

      d will
      roddy white
      d clark(mvp)
      harvin, d bowe, b wells, h nicks
      green bay and arizona

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