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  • Dr. Steve Brule Dr. Steve Brule Dec 14, 2009 11:19 PM Flag

    MVP candidates...who gets it?

    I'm gonna go Chris Johnson. Brees is incredible and the clear leader of a great offense, but Johnson is literally their only legitimate offensive threat. In my mind you have to get credit for carrying your whole team. Anyone else?

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    • Has to be Brett Favre, you have a team that was fighting to make the playoffs to adding him and super bowl talks, #2 is Drew Brees, Chris Johnson is cool but ya gotta be on a team that at least has won 50% of their games right? YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME ***Thanks Herm***

    • mvp...most valuable player...w/o manning indy aint sh*t...hands down manning

    • The media, former NFL Football players, and anylist all sway the way the things are done I think a little too much!!!!! They always preach that this is a quaterback driven league. Can't win the big one without a good Quarter back!!!!! But I think that the dullest thing year in and year out is to select who ever might have been the best quarterback that year. The MVP award honor should go to the most electric player that also is incredibly invaluable to there respective team. Therefore every team in the National Football League has a quarter back some of them better than others but what does a Qaurter back do thats so impresive. Last year Drew Brees nearly broke the Imortal Dan Marino's a time leading yardage passing mark and he still got out beat bye the 1,000 yard less Peyton Manning. Chris Johnson has a chance to eclipse the all time season rushing record He is clearly the most electric and valuable player to his team. Just because he don't take snaps directly doesn't mean he hasn't played the best football this year.!!!!!

      Chris Johnson!!!!!!!!!


    • brees gets my pick...the saints are one of the crappiest teams of all time and for him to be puttin these great numbers and truly bein a leader to this team is very noticeable but i think with all this sed peyton will win it again...he is just great...but cj is def the most electrifying player to watch...brett...ahhh...he has had his time so i dont think they will really look his way...especially with undefeated teams still out there

    • Chris Johnson is great. Maurice Jones-Drew has also carried his team; however, the award will likely go to Peyton Manning as he possibly leads the colts to be the first undefeated team since the '72 Dolphins. Brett Farve come back player of the year.

    • This year's MVP race is going to be a tight one, but if I had to vote I would go with Favre 1st and Peyton in at a very close 2nd.

      C. Johnson has been an absolute beast, but Tenn's mediocre record will hurt his chances.

      Brees has also been awesome and the fact that the Saints are undefeated will boost his chances. However, Brees' production hasn't been dramatically better than it was last year; in fact, it might even be a little worse than last year. The reason the Saints have been so successful this year is because of their improved defense. Thus, I feel Brees has less to do with the Saints' improved play and he shouldn't win the MVP.

      Manning has done a tremendous job with the players he has around him. But I think voters---as weird as it sounds---expect more from him year in and year out cuz the Colts are always contenders. His numbers are great, but people always expect more from him so he might not get the love he deserves. For that reason I feel like Manning is going to get overlooked a little bit.

      Farve gets my vote because he's made the Vikings a legitimate title contender this year. Despite having the best defense and runningback, no one really feared this team the past few years. Now that Farve is the QB, few would be surprised if this team went on to win it all. His numbers are impressive (especially given the fact that his WRs aren't spectacular) and he's instilled so much confidence in the passing game that Minny has gone from a run-first team to an air-it-out attacking one. Couple that with the fact that he'll get the sentimental votes (oldest MVP candidate ever, yadda yadda...) and I'm confident that Favre gets the trophy this year.

    • I'm not a Jets fan, but I have to say that Darrelle Revis is my pick. That guy just goes out and takes away whoever he plays against like nobody else in the league seems to be doing right now. Moss, Andre Johnson, it doesn't matter. Put Revis on them and don't worry about it.

    • Manning will get it

    • if thats the case, why is chris johnson better in just about every catagory?

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