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  • chip chip Dec 8, 2009 9:33 AM Flag

    Meachum BS

    How does Yahoo, go back and change stats? The game was OVER!!! No defensive player can get individual stats. Meachum was on defense when he ran the ball in!!! If this stands, i hope every person who got screwed by this ruling by some egghead with no concept of the rules of football, either by the Meachum fiasco, or by the Saints D losing the points, joins me in finding a new fantasy host next year. Can't these eggheads look up the rules? There are precedents!! I hope this shows enough people Yahoo is not capable of hosting Fantasy Football. If this stands, I don't make the playoffs. Thought I had, but woke up to this Florida Recount BS. If you don't like it, let these Yahoos know. Boycott yahho Fantasy Football. Yahoo definately puts the Fantasy in Football.

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    • something to think about...I know the offense was on the field to start the play.....what if NO was punting the ball to washington and Meachem was a gunner for the punt team....The washington return man fumbles the return meachem returns it for a TD. If you look at it its the same situation and the DE gets the points. The team that snapped the ball is considered the offensive team...So i know its hypothetical but the two plays should be scored the same way!!!both were a change of possession (punt or int) to one team and then something during the play (a fumble) that changed the possession back to the team that started the play with the ball...am I correct or wrong??

    • This is hilarious so you lost. It isn't the end of the world or anything, not like it really matters or makes a difference in the grand scheme of things. It is not like it is a life or death and someone died.

    • this is where yahoo messed up..
      its not the fact that the D didnt get the points..
      its not the fact that meachem got credited for an offensive fumble return td...

      its the fact that they double dipped on this touchdown and acctually awarded him an OFFENSIVE FUMBLE RETURN TD, and a DEFENSIVE TD.. all for the same play.. so hes getting 12 points for 1 touchdown.

    • By not awarding points to NO Defense on the Meachem play, Yahoo is contradicting scoring decisions from earlier in the seaon.

      In week 12, New Orleans played New England. New England fumbled while on offense and a Saints defender recovered the fumble, tried to advance it and then fumbled it again where it was recovered by a Patriots offensive player. In our league, New England D was credited with 2 points for the fumble recovery even though its "defense" was not on the field.

      In week 8, Detroit played St. Louis. Lions QB threw an interception and the Rams player that intercepted the pass ran out of the end zone and then back in and was tackled for a safety by a Detroit offensive player. In our league, Detroit’s D was credited with 2 points for the safety even though its "defense" was not on the field.

      In week 13, Saints played Redskins. Saints QB threw an interception and the Redskins player that intercepted the pass subsequently fumbled the ball and it was recovered by a Saints offensive player. The Saints player then returned it for a touchdown. After Yahoo re-adjusted the scoring in week 13 (i.e, took away 8 points from the DEF), the Saints D was not even credited with a 2 point fumble recovery, nor the touchdown.

      This is in direct contrast to Yahoo's scoring policy for the remainder of the season.

    • obviously the defense shouldnt of been credited with a TD..

      the saints defense was sitting on the bench

      seriously your season is over, tough way to go out but if you are going to boycott yahoo i would focus on the stuff they acctually do wrong.. not them correctly scoring.

    • Exact same in my league. These guys can argue 'till the start of next season as to wether it should be an Off. TD or a Def. TD. But, somone, anyone, explain to me how he can get an Off. AND Def. TD on the same play??????

    • My man I'm with you all the way!!!!!

    • guess you guys should have won more games this season then it wouldn't really be an issue. You pick players, if that player scores then it should count on your player. Special team returns count. Pretty simple really, I guess people just enjoy complaining

    • rulling is fair sorry game over see you next year

    • try cbs sports. they got the call right

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