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  • gaseous_clay gaseous_clay Dec 4, 2009 9:48 PM Flag

    ALERT about a cheating league commissioner

    If you see any postings by a guy named michael with the Yahoo ID "m22run" in any fantasy sport DO NOT join his league. He is a CHEATER that changes point values after the draft, changes his line ups after games have started, changes waiver dates to suit his needs and changes other settings to try to gain an advantage. Myself and a couple of other team managers have or are filing complaints to Yahoo to have "m22run" banned from being allowed to run anymore fantasy leagues.

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    • I should have known better. I Googled his email address and got this posting. He's up to his old tricks right now with Fantasy Baseball. First, he gave himself the #1 overall pick and claimed it was based on the order we signed up. Well, obviously the commish is the fist to sign up, but I was 4th and I got last pick. Second, he is poaching players off of other teams and claiming we are doing a draft. He claims to have emailed me 10 TIMES, but I have never gotten a single on. Not even in my SPAM!!!! He has even added a player to the team I am playing this week and put him in the starting lineup.

      What a sad, sad, little man. I reported him too.

    • Its a free game for fun. Yeah it sucks, but this guy could be 7 or 8 years old, how stupid would you feel if you knew you got all bent out of shape because a child got the better of you. LMAO> when you get a bad commisioner "LEAVE THE LEAGUE" I cant believe your making a formal complaint. Ridiculous

    • Dude, that is beyond messed up. Thats the nicest way I can put it.

      I have dealt with this before as well. Was in a league that came down to myself, a friend and a married couple in the final four in the playoffs. The married couple lived next to the commissioner of the league. A big pay day was up for grabs. Wouldnt you know it, the commissioner changed the scoring the day after the games were completed and myself and the friend had one our games against the couple, guaranteeing us a final against each other. We saw the $ takin right out of our hands because the commissioner made sure they won.

      Good luck with dealing with this.