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  • patman patman Dec 4, 2009 9:19 PM Flag

    Sportsmanship!! Dilemma

    I am locked in the playoffs as No1 seed. My game this week is against a team that needs a win to get into the playoffs. If this team wins I play them first round and their matchups for next week are really bad. The team I play next week if I beat this team looks like they will be a much tougher opponent. My goal is to win the championship so is letting the team I play this week have the win so I can play them again next week good strategy or poor sportsmanship? All opinions welcome.

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    • If you do this you lose because of karma. How would you feel if you lost because you did this a lot worse then if you lost because you didn't do this.

    • I personally am too competitive to "let" anyone win, I want to win them all! I cannot "tank a game", don't have it in me. Just my opinion.

    • play your best team. In the future consider what our league does.... 6 teams make playoff the 4 best records (top 2 get byes) and the next two highest scorers regardless of record. This keeps more people playing until the end.

      You'd hate it if someone "tanked" and caused you not to make it.... if it's a "serious league" and for significant money, you might want to post that you're are tanking for the reasons you mentioned. Everyone will be rooting against you, but if you win against this team in the playoffs, they will have to admit it was good strategy.... If it's strictly for fun, then don't ruin someone else's fun, just so you can have a better matchup next week.

    • that would be bush league, if you let people win u should go to FFB hell and have the FFB gods piss in ur face.

    • if you can dominate enough to control your outcome like that.............do it. I have had playoff locks for weeks now and I am looking at week 15 and 16 rather than 11 - 14 and making adjustments for match-ups now.

      In one league and can control whether or not I take first, second or third. In the other league I am matching up against the number 1 this week at 11-1, myself and another are 10-2, so if I win this week, I will have a points advantage in a possible 3 way tie for first.


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