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  • BrianG BrianG Nov 20, 2009 7:31 PM Flag

    Keeper question

    We play 2QB, 3WR, 2RB, TE, 2W/R

    I currently have:

    QB Warner, Garrard, Cassel
    WR Wayne, V.Jackson, Driver, Austin, Sims-Walker, Breaston
    RB MJD, R.Williams, K.Smith, Slaton, Bradshaw
    TE Gonzalez

    I also have one free spot to pick up one of these players:
    QB Young
    WR Owens, Evans, Royal, Gonzalez, Nicks, Manningham, Collie
    RB D.Brown, Choice

    Who would you grab?

    Also, a team has the following on the trading block though he is looking to get keepers:
    Eli Manning
    Brandon Jacobs
    Frank Gore
    LaDainian Tomlinson
    Thomas Jones

    He says he'd might be interested in a RB. Anything I should offer/try to get?

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    • Keep Warner, MJD, Jackson, Wayne, William, Slaton. You could try to swing Gore from him. If you do, keep him and MJD, and you could probably cut Ricky loose and go keep Gonzalez.

      As for FA acquire, take a flyer on either Royal, Gonzalez, or Manningham.

    • I'd keep MJD, Slaton, VJax, Austin, SimsWalker, R.Williams
      But truth be told I bet you could pick up Austin next year as he fizzles out later this year peeps will forget about him. That being said if you are looking 4 6 keepers I would say work out a trade for 1 or 2 more. Notice I left Wayne out, but not sure if that's a popular decision. I've never owned him and he has never cost me a game, so if either of thise 2 scenarios had happened to me I could probably be persuaded.

      I would pick up Evans, and or NIcks both guys find the endzone on a regular basis.

      Trade for Gore, no one else on that list is worth a damn

    • In your situation I would keep Wayne, VJax, MJD, Sims-Walker for sure. After that all others have some risk. I'd say pick up D. Brown.

      His only good Keeper offer is Gore. The other guys he is offering are old or not worth it.

      Maybe you could offer Slaton and Austin or Slaton and Driver for Gore. Not sure who he expects to get for Gore, though. It's not like someone is going to give up MJD or AP in a keeper league.

    • Oh, forgot to mention... I think they allow 6 keepers. I took over at the start of the season for someone who quit from last season.


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