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  • Colin Colin Aug 17, 2009 5:40 PM Flag

    My first draft...what do you think?

    It's a standard league $50 entry and I had the 10th pick out of 12
    QB-Donovan McNabb
    RB1-Steven Jackson
    RB2-Brandon Jacobs
    WR1-Steve Smith
    WR2-Santana Moss
    WR3-Steve Breaston
    TE-Tony Gonzalez
    W/R/T-Jamal Lewis
    K-Davis Akers

    Bench- QB-Carson Palmer
    WR-Micheal Jenkins-Jeremey Maclin-Dion Branch-Jauquin Iglesias
    RB-Ahmad Bradshaw- Sammy Morris
    TE-Heath Miller

    Also:I am contemplating starting Bradshaw over Lewis in my Flex position. Not too sure about that one yet.

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    • Not bad, but I'm guessing that you got McNabb in the 4rd, spurred by a QB run. Given the thinness of your WR corps after Smith, you might have been better off to go for your WR2 in Round 4 (you could probably have gotten someone like Welker, Housh, Marshall, Williams or Bryant there... and with the QB run, there's a remote possibility that someone like Bowe might have been available), and you could probably have gotten Schaub (or, worst case scenario, Jay Cutler) a round later. I'd have to see the flow of the draft to be sure, but I think going with the above scenario would have been a major improvement at WR with very little dropoff at QB.

    • it looks like u went after your defence and te a bit early, u will learn to avoid those runs in time, but not bad for a first draft, your team will likely hindge on the health of sjax, heep ur fingers crossed!

    • i like your starters alot especially donovan who has somethign to prove now and stevey smith and tony gonzalez, but ure bench is garbage.


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