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  • Kodie Kodie Jun 27, 2009 7:21 PM Flag

    How doe s this mock drafted team look

    i am new at this and i was just wondering if i havee got a good hold on this yet.... will you please give me your opinion and tell me how i could improve? thanks you very much
    1. Larry Fitzgerald (Ari - WR)
    2. Peyton Manning (Ind - QB)
    3. Thomas Jones (NYJ - RB)
    4. Bernard Berrian (Min - WR)
    5. Hines Ward (Pit - WR)
    6. Chicago (Chi - DEF)
    7. Eli Manning (NYG - QB)
    8. Ricky Williams (Mia - RB)
    9. Robbie Gould (Chi - K)
    10. Visanthe Shiancoe (Min - TE)
    11. Jeremy Shockey (NO - TE)
    12. Muhsin Muhammad (Car - WR)
    13. Shaun Suisham (Was - K)
    14. Anthony Fasano (Mia - TE)
    15. Cedric Benson (Cin - RB)

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    • Congrats on your mock draft. Most of the time, I realized that having great top RBs is very important. I usually do, RB-RB-WR-RB or RB-RB-WR-QB. By the 3rd pick, it is harder to find value pick RBs. I think it gets very shaky and they are pretty much the foundation of your team. Also, I like QB on 4th pick because they are very rare to find in the league (unless you are going to get QBs like Tom, Brees, or Manning).
      By the 5th to 8th pick, value pick your WRs such as Roy Williams, T.O., T.J. Huz (hard to type his name), etc. Don't EVER pick a Kicker that early. Wait as long as you can. For me, I pick him at last round pick. It doesn't make that much of a difference between a top kicker vs. secondary picker. There's plenty.

      DEF should be within 8 to 10 rounds. If you want to pay premium to get Pitts, Baltimore, Tennessee, NYG and the like, I would pay premium, otherwise, you can get very good to decent ones in later rounds like 9th.

      And then, 10th to 15th round, pick secondary backs that has the potential for the primary backs to be injured. It's called insurance - e.g. Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG), Jerome Harrison (CLE), etc.

      Lastly, try to get one more QB as a backup and matchup problems.

      Try to stay active throughout the entire season because there's plenty of good picks in the Waiver wires.

      Good luck, hope it helps.

    • i personally dont like it because you dont have enough good running backs. RBs get you the most points and therefore should be drafted high. i would say get an RB in the first round and then think about another in the third. QB can wait till the 4th round and get a stud WR in the second. fitzgerald is good but not good enough to go before any of the top 10 RBs. and if fitzgerald isnt there when its your pick in the second, andre or calvin johnson or randy moss are just as good of options. your bound to get one of them by the second. fitzgerald might even be a tiny bit overrated. also, thomas jones had a breakout year last year but dont count on it again, hes getting old.

    • not bad for your first draft. u probably should have picked a rb in the 1st rd. at qb & #1 wr u r strong. berrian is a sleeper if favre signs & if you got benson with your 15th pick u got a steal. i'd say u r in contention 4 a playoff berth but probably not a contender 4 the super bowl.

    • You made one good pick...the first one. The rest of your picks are questionable at best.

      Tip: You only need one kicker on your roster and he should be your last pick. Picking any kicker before that is a waste of pick. There no difference between Gould or Hanson or whoever else

    • I see several problems with your draft already. First and foremost, you didn't pick a running back in the first two rounds. I don't know what strategy this is, but traditionally you want to pick at least one bound to be a stud RB because of the inconsistencies of other positions (defenses double covering larry fitz the whole game, blitzes on manning, manning not having another MVP year). Another problem I see is that you drafted Thomas Jones in the third round. I don't know who was available in your draft of course, but Thomas Jones should really be taken at late round 4 or early round 5. A stud or even mid range RB are often available in the 3rd round. Likewise, taking a defense in the 6th round is seldom worth it. Defenses don't pull in that much points, and you really want to pick up your bye week replacements in these rounds.

      : )

    • ugly draft....need better receivers. running backs, and tight ends

    • You could use some severe running back help. Thomas Jones and Ricky Williams as your 1 and 2?

      Tip: To put it lightly, you need to take at least two running backs in the first 6 rounds. Don't reach until you're in round 6 and beyond. You reached for 10 of your picks. Also, it seems that you're only drafting big names? Look deeper into the player before making your judgement on him.

    • I pick my second QB, DEF and kicker in later rounds. I actually play different kickers all through the season. I like them in domes or in good weather games.

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    • humm well if this was the order you drafted not to good .
      The best is to go with at least top running backs first , if there is any studs left at yor 3rd pick even 3 . then you can argue between the qb or wide recivers next


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