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  • ctshermanii ctshermanii Jan 4, 2009 6:11 PM Flag

    Wrong MVP = Favs over Performance

    You are a moron if you think Peyton's commercials had anything to do with him winning his MVP. Peyton did not single handily win these games, but without him, the Colts could have easily finished 4-12. Instead, they finished 12-4, which was not exactly "fighting" for a wild card spot. They clinched their playoff berth in Week 16. Unfortunately, given the current NFL playoff system the Colts had to take their far superior 12-4 record compared to the 8-8 Chargers across country to play. The Colts had their opportunities to win, and if you saw the overtime, the referees might as well have handed the Chargers the game.

    NFL MVP and Pro-Bowl voting will remain a popularity contest. As for DeAngelo Williams winning the MVP, he didn't even make the Pro-Bowl, which is truly unbelievable.

    And for Drew Brees and his run at Marino's record, the record doesn't even matter when your team doesn't make the playoffs. The term you are forgetting is Valuable. The MVP doesn't award the player with the best statistics.


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