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  • Papa Sixer Papa Sixer Jan 4, 2009 3:22 PM Flag

    Wrong MVP = Favs over Performance

    NFL's MVP is Payton Manning. Question is WHY?
    Why when others like Drew Brees has done so much better. Brees has more TDs and over 5000 yards passing. Only two passers in the HISTORY of the NFL have broken 5000 yds; Dan Marino and Brees in 2008.
    Don't get me wrong; I really like Payton, but I think he got a lot of favoritism this year. His team won 12 straight games. He didn't win them, the Colts won. And consider this: the Colts didn't do all that well, afterall they're fighting for the WILDCARD spot.
    Did you see the Wild card play-off versus the Chargers? It was very fortunate that the Charger defensive players CAN'T CATCH, because Manning threw the ball into their hands at least three times. Credit San Diego's players for reading the play -- partly, but partly it was Manning with errant tosses.

    Higher performers are Brees, Rodgers, and don't forget the winning QB of the San Diego Chargers (Rivers) who has 34 passing TDs to Manning's 27. And what about DeAngelo Williams with his 18 rushing TDs?

    No question in my mind -- Manning is the "Golden Boy" and he got VOTES for mvp because of his pedigree and likability, not his performance. No question in my mind - San Diego's defense out played the Colt's offense. Athough Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers are sitting at home, I can also say, so is Payton Manning.

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