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  • PKam PKam Jan 2, 2009 1:55 PM Flag

    did you lose money by a commish cheating?

    The only possible solution is for Yahoo to get more actively involved. These cheating incidents occur often enough to severely damage the integrity of Yahoo fantasy sports. If players don't trust the Yahoo leagues, they'll take their fantasy action to other websites. Fewer participants = fewer "hits" on Yahoo's site = lower advertising revenue. Yahoo better wake up to this!

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    • pkam you need to "wake up" there are millions of people that play yahoo sports and what less then a hundred have posted message complaining .. ? thats not bad now where near bad enough for them to give a shit .. not to mention have you cry babies won't even pony up 9.99 for stat tracker .. when stat tracker stop sthere free trial every year there are more people complaining about how its unfair , then there are complaining about cheating .. and this cheating thing your are freaking about .. happens everysingle year at trhe end of the year the 50 or so jaded player complain and complain .. and yahoo has yet to change it and here you are again year after year . every year you all say i will not come back .. news flash your here again .. you will come back cause its FREE ...


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