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    did you lose money by a commish cheating?

    If you lost a money league by way of cheating/by a commish taking advantage of his tools which is cheating by changing someone else team in anyway...I strongly sugest you get into contact with Yahoo, a Lawyer and the proper athorities not only is it a felony you were deceived and the person who was the Commish of you league stole your money. Don't write it off as a loss. Don't let these cheating, stealing, deceiveing criminals get away with theft. That's what it is. It is theft and with most players living in other states the money has crossed over state line which makes it a felony.

    If anything Yahoo could be held responseable.

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    • these people are all idiots

    • Do you mean you being the one being stupid? Here's a direct quote of one of your brilliant rules.

      1. Make it so the Commish can not alter another team roster or lineup. without permission from that team. Both teams would have to click a link just like the trade accept link. It would be the roster change link.

      That's what the comment was about, moron. If the other team could click the link, he wouldn't need approval to make the change, he could make it himself. If you're still talking about making changes after the fact, then you're still permitting collusion between a commissioner and one of the managers.

      Bottom line is you're whining a lot about cheating in a free league. Those tools are very useful in the hands of honest commissioners. Commissioners who abuse those tools should be banned by Yahoo, which is where the problem arises. If all you lost is a fake online trophy, though, so be it. If you were silly enough to have a money league with a commissioner you don't know and trust, well then that's just being stupid. The tools aren't the problem, and there is no reason for Yahoo to change them. Just stop the cheats from being commissioners in the future.

      And just to be clear, you're still a whining little idiot, along the lines of jsmech.

    • Damn some people are just freakin stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thats not the reasoning for the agreement asshole...it is to keep the commish from just changing to win the game it is an anti cheat rule.Do you get it now IDIOT!!!

    • You're an idiot. If the person could get to the computer to agree to change the roster, he could get to the computer to change it himself. Apparently you aren't bright enough to realize the most people don't abuse that power and in such cases it's useful.

    • I will say it one more time yahoo could make it so the commish needs the other teams permission to change thier roster and a league vote on league setting changes.

      that would stop the abuse of power with the tools. The tools would still work the same. The commish would need permission to change someone team that is the fair thing to do.

      anyone disagrees with that is just a cheater.

    • If it's the one he's talking about, his commissioner cheated. Said changing his and other teams' rosters after the games have been played is just being a smart player and using the tools made available to the commissioner. No sensible person believes that's acceptable. His proposed changes to commissioner tools are just silly, though. Far too often those tools are useful and needed for commissioners.

      No reason other than a lack of interest, however, that Yahoo can't prevent commissioners who abuse those tools from becoming commissioners in following years. And I agree that you have to be a fool to actually play for money in a league where you don't know the commissioner, but Yahoo could do more to discipline the abusers.

    • Who care if they are upset if there is only 30 or 40 posting there are less writing letter to yahoo why would they care

    • You know, its sad that there is always a cry-baby, loser getting all emo over a friggin' game, but some folks just aren't emotionally mature...ever. If you PAID to be in a Private League, then you should have ensured that there was a league policy about Commissioner authority. Heck, asking about how your Commish behaved in previous seasons BEFORE you paid would have been a simple enough step. Secondly, if the money you "lost" wasn't a league fee, but rather a WAGER, then yes by all means PLEASE contact a lawyer so they can explain to you the legal troubles you created for YOURSELF...you frickin mook...lol

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